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once upon a time, still in the provision of takeaway restaurants, but now it has become the beginning of the Internet giant enclosure movement. Online takeaway ordering website hungry yesterday officially announced that from mid August onwards the site will be covered by the Shanghai Office of interactive advertising screen out 200 thousand copies of free lunch floor, activities will continue to Beijing and Guangzhou.

insiders believe that in May this year, the public comment 80 million dollar investment hungry is burn to grab the market, catering industry seems to set off O2O burn wars. It is not difficult to find, dining takeaway is becoming a new entrance to seize the Internet giant. In fact, a Alibaba group and US backed Amoy little bit, as well as a patron of Baidu Baidu takeaway are crazy enclosure.

takeaway food into the latest battlefield

or burn

news that, in order to the free lunch activities, hungry it will hit ten million. In fact, the recent Baidu takeaway, including the United States are stepping up to grab the source. Just recently in Shanghai and Hangzhou by Baidu takeaway ordering, you can enjoy the free delivery of services, and also enjoy the first single minus 6 yuan, while the back 12 yuan vouchers and other incentives. U.S. also said, according to the different circumstances of each business by the United States Mission takeaway ordering can also enjoy discount.

in May this year, the public comment on the $80 million strategic investment hungry, the latter CEO Zhang Xuhao said at the time, the cooperation will flow, business resources and other aspects. After the injection of Jingdong strategic takeaway ordering website home will delicacy. Insiders said, as hungry as the representative of the company was brewing off the burn wars, but also because food takeaway market is attracting the inflow of "hot money". For now, the online takeaway ordering website, is an urgent need to compete for customers.

it is worth noting that, as early as the first time to get the financing of Sequoia Capital, Zhang Xuhao said it would consider expanding the size and coverage of the user, the first big market, regardless of profitability. After getting the money to finance it also changed the pattern of charges, from each merchant before each year to receive a few thousand dollars in service costs, to provide free services to reduce the threshold for businesses to enter.

beauty has not yet generous group acquired takeaway company, but officials believe the United States mission, thousands of people line its team is the biggest advantage of development takeaway. U.S. mission network relevant responsible person also said that the United States is also in the process of taking a mass flow accumulation period. Flow accumulation period is bound to attract investment in the process.

giant force dining O2O only grab entrance

China electronic commerce research center monitoring data show that in 2013 Chinese catering industry O2O market reached 62 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 61.1% compared to 2012, is expected to 2015 China food O2O market will reach 120 billion yuan. Frequent moves with O2O network giants, naturally will not give up the food.

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