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APP is a micro-blog marketing advertising is the main content of accuracy, enterprises do a APP on the Internet, only interested users will download and use it. This allows companies to think that they seize the target user, precision and thus come. But APP marketing is really accurate,


most users initially play angry birds this game, do not know the game developer Rovio, but now the company has been very well-known. APP not only can get a large number of users, but also may create a brand.

now entered the era of brand marketing, many companies will be APP as a marketing tool. For example, a variety of coupons class APP, combined with corporate discounts and other activities, will be presented in various forms of preferential information to consumers in order to bring more users APP.

obviously, for many companies, the development of APP is not in order to get paid through the download or advertising revenue, the most important thing is that APP has the value of marketing.

users now get APP through many channels, mobile phone users can access network, application exchange, 91 mobile phone assistant and three party software store APP, also can through a variety of open platform, such as micro-blog open platform.

Sina micro-blog is very successful, but only in the success of the accumulation of users, not in the commercialization of micro-blog. APP marketing is an opportunity for Sina, but Sina did not seize.

APP marketing has many advantages, but also faces many difficulties. For example, the development of APP users can browse and download the use of


Deloitte iOS, Android consultants have investigated and BlackBerry platform and found that all the brands in the launch of the App, only less than 1% to over 1 million downloads, the download number is not 1000 times as high as 80% App.

The development of

APP is time-consuming, but not satisfactory, micro-blog APP marketing actually have future? Many companies are faced with such confusion. Micro-blog APP marketing is facing three hurdle: channel promotion, user experience, precision.

was snubbed by micro-blog APP

micro-blog APP, its user size is directly affected by the development of micro-blog. Now whether it is micro-blog’s "ancestor" of foreign or domestic Twitter, Sina and micro-blog have appeared in the user activity decreased situation. Last year, the flow of Twitte in the United States stalled, in January 2011, ExactTarget released a report that nearly half of Twitter users are no longer active.


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