Alexa on the recent domestic websites have been punished farce not lonely people out of turmoil, the vast majority of people are saying or obscure, such as cruel dispatch, post, domestic "because many Internet like popcorn China practitioners pursue short reclame, leading to its website ranking Alexa abnormal change" "the pursuit of short-term reputation cheating led directly to the Chinese Internet impetuous atmosphere." (from the August 27, 2007 "First Financial Daily").

      in the TW forum, see a message sent by an anonymous user: a bunch of SB, the need to venture capital, a strong advocate of their ALEXA rankings, and so on, and that Alexa is nothing. The status quo is true, we will not. But look back, why do we need to venture capital, we need to promote the majority of Internet practitioners Alexa rankings? China does not have a network of impetuous atmosphere directly from the pursuit of Alexa practitioners rankings?

      first of all, let’s take a look at what Alexa is, Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon, founded in 1996. Is a branch of Internet Archive. Alexa through the Alexa toolbar, to collect user information, in order to Statistics website traffic and rankings. The following is a note from the wiki calculation of Alexa website ranking, website is to use the average daily number of visits per capita, page number (proportional to the number of pages and product per capita) as the basis, ranking the two’s geometrical average. The official ranking, based on the average data within the last three months. In addition to the ranking of the world’s Web site, Alexa site also provides a variety of languages, regions, the classification of the subject rankings. The ranking is based on the AlexaToolbar that can only be used for InternetExplorer, not all users use it, so the number of people who use it can represent the general network users dispute.

      said understand, Alexa is to collect information through toobar, and then ranking, when the user with the Alexa tool of the IE browser to open a new page, a Alexa server ( will receive the encrypted data packet, is more than a dozen parameters of the packet the core information, these parameters include the address of the web page, page open time, the user terminal display resolution, Alexa toolbar version, the user is an Amazon user etc.. Alexa server daily work is to continue to receive the global installed Toolbar users returned packets. Simply put, this is just a pair of

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