how did you succeed in the old old godmother school canteen to eat? She did not accept the media, not to engage in marketing. No money, no loans, even if the government is not listed. 8 dollars a bottle of hot sauce, every day to sell 1 million 300 thousand bottles, old godmother Tao Huabi

is how to do?


no ads, no activities, no loans, not listed, cash spot…… All sorts of "reverse marketing" move, but the old godmother created a business legend.

Reverse marketing "miracle

table sauce first brand"

fast consumer goods, especially the condiment industry, we all want to become old godmother, and do not understand the old godmother.

8 dollars a bottle of hot sauce, every day sold 1 million 300 thousand bottles a year, with 13 thousand tons of pepper, 17 thousand tons of soybeans, sales of 4 billion, 15 years the output value is increased by 74 times. The old godmother created a legendary Chinese brand.

more legendary and its wonderful business model.

do not sell, do not advertise, there is no promotion, sitting at the door, dealers to grab goods.

is not listed, not loans, non financing. Other companies looking for loans, pull the financing, listed to the old godmother has repeatedly rejected the government’s financing proposal.

cash spot, dealers must first payment before shipment, sufficient cash flow is jieshe.

old godmother taste a variety of dishes around the size of restaurants, as an important support for its sales volume.

old godmother miracle of the market and do not take the unusual way of marketing, let the FMCG industry look foggy, exactly what the old godmother so cattle, really just old Mrs. Tao Huabi’s personal business intuition

?The marketing law behind

Fu depth interpretation of the old godmother all sorts of "inverse marketing" phenomenon, allow enterprises to see the old godmother miracle, you don’t know the rules of marketing.

, a "real price": the core strategy of the ultimate user experience

must see the "official" Zheng Guofan "," Hu Xueyan "for business reading". The Hu Xueyan "really fabulously rich merchants, one price" is one of the business that the essence of genuine goods at a fair price for price stability. The old godmother is precisely to put this idea to the extreme.

essence, old godmother all market behavior and miracle, is relying on its strong product, its products to provide consumers with the ultimate user experience. The old godmother made a hard effort on the product, make a low threshold, easy to follow with sauce category there is a threshold.

1: taste king, and the most complex taste just perfect universal taste preemption.

of food, the taste is king, Coca-Cola can become a secret recipe is priceless, so.

China market, follow the strategy can be seen everywhere, more than the first

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