Chen Ou micro-blog announced that the United States started selling food and health care products, independent food channel will soon be on the line. Actively expand the category is the United States and the United States 2015 major strategy.

CEO latest one is "micro-blog Chen Ou Chen Ou please you eat" meal ", micro-blog pictures show" global hot search free snacks". Often in the micro-blog fans to interact with Chen ou, always love transfer in this way the United States business and product information, the latest micro-blog apparently told his brother: nearly 4 million fans began to sell overseas snacks. The salt is chowhound snacks, this time, Chen Ouzhen is to give the user the "salt".

food 15 minutes of activity time, grab the 80 thousand people, the United States and overseas food category official told reporters, hot momentum on the previous food group on-line test can be seen." At the end of May, first launched overseas food brands, to drink, biscuits, cakes, candy from Japan and South Korea, the United States and Australia snacks, health care products, slimming food. The first line of a small amount of goods only selected hundreds of overseas selling food SKU test, test results show that the appeal of Australia Swisse Japan Fancl health care products, whitening pills, butter chips and other brands in the Korean chowhound hearts do not, in the market circumstances, all products are second light".


, the overseas food explosion of independent channels will soon be in the home on the line, "after the mother of Korea and the U.S. Food and health care products, makeup, the next step is to focus on the direction of the United States purchased overseas business expansion, the United States co-founder Dai Yusen said. At present, at least once a week to the overseas food brand sales situation is stable, has passed the test period.

United States before the United States and Japan will obviously makeup on the overseas brand direct supply, domestic bonded warehouse stocking mode copied to the food field. and food suppliers around the world to achieve cooperation, directly from the bonded warehouse or supermarket brand manufacturers formal channels of delivery to the United States in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places in the country, the customs and inspection institutions under the supervision of national consumer goods.

for overseas food brands, part of the food and had no formal channels to enter the domestic retail, now through cross-border electricity market China beach. The United States co-founder Dai amamori, before it is orders in South Korea and Japan on the makeup and maternal category outbreak, so that overseas food brands also recognize the United States platform hatch ability, user activity and marketing advantage.

chowhound strength is infinite. Statistics show that 97% of women admitted that they love to eat snacks, there is an irresistible desire for food. users in the group of women accounted for more than 95%, this part of the mouth can not stop the "chowhound" form the established user group is the United States to enter the food market.

in the selection, the United States adopted a strategy of "super Master delicacy" composed by a team of buyers, including the global delicacy. Good relationship with the brand

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