enterprises to carry out e-commerce has three practices, one is to establish a separate website, the two is to join an alliance, the three is to join the industry B2B. The typical independent website has Dell, Intel and Cisco; the alliance example has the automobile, the PC manufacture; industry B2B has Esteel, PlaticNet.

Meetchina, Alibaba can not be called the real B2B, they are only business directories, is a place to find business opportunities, transactions will not be carried out through the site.

e-commerce development stage

we put the development of electronic commerce is divided into four stages, the first stage of enterprise website for publicity, the second stage is to accept the orders for sales, the third stage is to link the website and internal information system " –> MIS" <, the customers can track orders on the Internet; the fourth stage is the enterprise interconnection, namely " A MIS< –> business enterprise; B, MIS" the first three stages of people visit the site, the fourth stage is the application software to access the website, electronic data exchange.

enterprise operation

regardless of the use of e-commerce, the core operation of the enterprise will not change, the enterprise to production, procurement, transportation. Enterprises have a good internal information system to better adapt to the e-commerce environment. A study of chemical enterprise operation case, A resin production enterprises, enterprise B plastic products, two enterprises have a long-term contract, the enterprise B to the enterprise A regular small batch order, request delivery within 10 days, the error for 1 days. In order to meet the requirements of the time, the enterprise A must calculate the time of production, procurement, quality inspection, packaging and transportation, and make corresponding adjustments. Enterprise A to the enterprise B to provide the order of state information, that is, has been feeding, production, shipment and other state. In fact, services provided by the website is not enough, for the enterprise A B enterprise is under the orders of the purchasing department, and delivery information for the enterprise B planning department, quality information for the Department of enterprise B, so the cross enterprise data exchange is imperative.

              enterprise B2B

enterprise B2B is the most flexible, Dell website has adjusted hundreds of times, companies can always change the design of the site according to the operation of the process. In fact, the process of implementing e-commerce in enterprises, the process of change is inevitable. As the site is controlled by the enterprise, the site to the MIS connection is not difficult; but there are some obstacles to cross enterprise interconnection. B2B enterprise has strong vitality and great software provider in the market.

enterprise alliance B2B


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