rookie network construction investment to achieve 50 years a city next to

[TechWeb] June 1st news reports, rookie Partner Conference held in Hangzhou (the first day before the meeting, Tong Wenhong rookie arena) rookie network president said: "the rookie network has built a complete nationwide logistics network, next year will achieve 50 of the city will be reached."

Tong Wenhong also revealed that the rookie network will force the next delivery, warehouse distribution, cross-border, rural and post five strategic direction, and strive to reach the early realization of domestic parcel for 24 hours, the target will reach the global 72 hours. In order to show the possibility to achieve the 50 year city the next day, Hong Tong also cited data, according to the rookie network data show that in May, the Alibaba village coverage area Amoy Express import aging, about 20% of the orders are sent in the same day or the next day.

Tong Wenhong appears in the rookie network currently channel sink is with the Alibaba group strategy: "in rural strategy, the Ali partner system, the shopper in rural areas, this year’s goal is one hundred thousand villages." Tong Wenhong said that China is now a small courier companies want to become a national network of courier companies have little chance, but you can get their own stage by rookie network.

took the first time after the appearance of the media in the field of vision, chose the rookie network platform. However, the rookie arena conference, an important partner of SF food rookie network did not appear in the rookie arena conference, Tong Wenhong responded that this is because SF is held internal meetings so did not send people to participate in the.

behind this problem is the number of questions, once known as never enter the express industry is investing in the rookie network Yuantong express company, but Tong Wenhong insisted that the rookie network is still uphold an open mind: "rookie network just want to through the investment to a market benchmark, to describe what rookie would go where to go."

According to the

rookie network sharing data show that the total package has accounted for more than 60% of the total amount of the China package, the number for the Tong Wenhong said: "the Jingdong to Ali, Ali not Jingdong." Its further elaboration, said: after the Jingdong mainly rely on limited orders and proprietary network to support the service in the city of Guangzhou Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities, but with the platform open, service quality will decline." Tong Wenhong joked to some extent but also for the rookie network Jingdong: "rookie network is the whole Chinese express level, otherwise Jingdong will be miserable."

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