we are saying every hour and moment of network marketing, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet, so that everyone is talking about the spirit of the Internet, but the Internet is the spirit of what have to say, you will give one or two examples on the Internet for expert talk. Perhaps this is the mentality of the people follow suit. Do not ask me, I do not know, I will only do my own good job in the network marketing.

2014, for many people is unusual, for another part is unusual. That is, WeChat marketing fire, micro business fire, since the media fire, you may not have the fire is it, a joke.

well, QQ marketing and QQ marketing space have been doing, but not now popular. QQ marketing and QQ space marketing a little different, the difference is that an instant interactive chat, a blog social networking. QQ marketing more value from communication chat friends, QQ space marketing value is displayed and reproduced in communication. QQ space marketing is probably around 2014 in the year of October, so what is the source and origin of the heat and waves.

first reason: since the media hot

from the media, I believe that the network has too much expression and exposition, you can go to search. My own understanding is to take advantage of their strengths or aspects of the network through a certain channel or platform, continue to share the spread of a high popularity of a result. Adhere to and pay, transfer value. In 2014 a sudden, out from the numerous media, a large coffee with unknown. The main channel of transmission is through the mainstream social platforms, such as WeChat public number, micro-blog, blog, personal website, QQ space, etc., of course, WeChat platform and blog is the main site. God of all kinds of large coffee, spread through the network of fans, resulting in a lot of agency fees, the good and bad are intermingled. In this process, many members of the N community to learn knowledge and skills, have wondered if she had a platform to do from the media, and then realized. Since there are so many people do WeChat or blog, then we do not have the same point of the platform, so it is easy to run out. There is a crowd that is engaged in network marketing for many years, from the media to see the fire, the feelings of their own can also create a small world. So have aimed at the QQ space this big fat, good results, to follow suit, fire, fire is the concept of QQ space and QQ space marketing, rather than the QQ class from the media practitioners.

second reasons: the development of

e-businessmen derivative

said micro providers, are tears. Most of them are struggling, the real money is relatively small, is the first to do the one or two dial derivative, now they are the holiday vacation, the company away, become the team leader also became. How do the rest of the derivative, salad, please continue to refresh, too hateful. As we all know, in the personal WeChat side of the circle of friends, when you want to send information, namely

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