yesterday, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office on the People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law (Revised Draft) for public comment. "Draft" from the implementation of the regulatory system reform and transformation of government functions, strengthen the enterprise achievements, the main responsibility for the implementation of the implementation, strengthen the responsibility of the local government, improve the food safety regulatory mechanism innovation of social governance and punish serious violations of the law in six aspects of the current law has been modified and supplemented.

which increased the food web supervision system, food safety responsibility system of compulsory insurance, prohibition of infant formula food regulations and commissioned OEM production responsibility interviews, surprise checks and supervision.

in the setting of administrative license, the State Food and drug administration after a special demonstration, increase the provisions of the food safety management personnel occupation qualification and health food products registered two license system in the "Manuscript".

JINGWAH Times reporter Han Xu

main revision content

infant formula

formula labels should be strictly documented

melamine incident in 2008, many Chinese consumers lose confidence in domestic infant formula, many mothers began to go abroad to buy a friend of the foreign milk powder". A variety of "foreign milk powder" swarmed into China’s consumer market. However, these foreign milk quality is uneven, reflecting the "ocean of milk" issues in packaging, fraud, and poor quality are growing, also have a certain negative impact on consumers and dairy China.

in order to strengthen the strict supervision of the infant formula, the draft proposed, strict supervision and management of the national infant formula, production of infant formula food production enterprises should be the production of raw materials, product formulations and labels to the food safety supervision and management departments for the record. May not delegate, OEM, packaging produced infant formula food.

in other words, the domestic part of foreign brands in China, previously due to lack of capacity to be imported directly from overseas large package of infant milk powder market, then packed in domestic or imported infant formula milk powder label in China, the "processing" in the territory of the ocean of milk will be subject to strict control.

online shopping food

food problems site first compensate

today, online shopping has gradually become people’s daily life is an important form of trading, online shopping varieties from the original clothes, covering all areas of electrical Jingdong, today, Taobao mall, I bought the network, shop No. 1 and a number of online trading platforms are food online transactions.

, however, due to low barriers to entry online sales of food, not a fixed place of business, the lack of formal procedures, including counterfeiting and "three non food mixed, online shopping food safety problems caused by more and more consumer attention.

yesterday in the open for comments on the draft, the food network transaction Supervisor

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