who is the electricity supplier chaos in "death squads"


in the first capital of the electricity supplier market, the price war again and again instead of leaving the enterprises settled, but these enterprises because of low profits, difficult to make money "dilemma of development. But even so, the reporter survey found that there are still a lot of business enterprise with the killer tried to "death squads" reached the electricity supplier chaos.

new model: B2C+ service provider

kamikaza: Tianpin net

weapons: former Tmall executives + colored electricity supplier team employees

August 21st

days of on-line goods network, although the page seems vip.com and brand discount providers have little difference, but the CEO bear said, Tianpin net is not a simple marketing type B2C, which is relatively rare "pool" model.

According to the

bear, Tianpin net goods in three ways. "One is the direct cooperation with the brand, there are some purchase and sale; and the two is the channel cooperation, on cooperation with large distributors, brands; three is the user first orders, then the mall to pick up and delivery."

In addition to this,

product line is another business for the brand stationed in Tmall, QQ online shopping, Jingdong mall and other platforms to provide services, including storage systems, IT systems and docking platform and so on. Similar to the now done "raging like a storm generation operation". Previously, domestic well-known enterprises in Ruijin on behalf of the operators Lin CEO An Shihui told reporters, although the electricity supplier in huge losses, but Rui Jinlin’s profit has reached about 8000000 yuan. Over the past six months, one shop, Mcglaughlin are also beginning to cut into the business operations.

as a new on-line B2C electricity supplier, the days of the generation of network operators can not yet be successful, but they also have a distinctive advantage. According to the reporter, Tianpin net founder and CEO bear worked at Tmall, more than 60 employees of the original team are mostly from Taobao, Eric and Newegg scale business enterprise. This means that the day of the network platform for the familiarity of each other than comparable.

new category: quality electricity supplier blue ocean vertical electricity supplier

kamikaza: big park network

weapon: Kuba textile industry experts

+ founder

August 28th, Kuba founder and former CEO Wang Zhiquan (micro-blog) announced his resignation from the Kuba after nearly half the day ended "wild stock or floating clouds", a new home electricity supplier park network officially launched.

Kuba, Wang Zhiquan did not create a platform. This has been the idea of music Amoy network CEO Bi Sheng may be quite similar. From the supplier to the box to create their own brand, Wang Zhiquan began to focus on electricity supplier competition environment is relatively loose textile products. Abandon platform

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