sina science and technology news October 15th news, vice president of Google China Engineering Research Institute, said Zhang Zhiwei, the combination of search and community will be the future direction of development. Q & a system is an example of the combination of the two, although Google China will no longer operate this product. In addition, Zhang Zhiwei revealed that the number of Google China R & D team has been restored to the same level last year.

Zhang Zhiwei joined Google in 2006, responsible for technical research and community product team formation and development. Since 2010 and served as Google’s global mobile R & D program Mobile 2014, presided over the development of a new generation of mobile technology innovation.

attended the academic conference yesterday, Zhang stressed the focus on the integration of search engines and social networking trends between the complementary. Zhang Zhiwei pointed out that this model is a combination of search and community search example.

on the one hand, the community needs to understand the user through the question and answer system (such as the game is difficult to understand the real needs of the user to steal food), and further advertising matching, and ultimately the commercial value of the community. On the other hand, the classic algorithm of search engine has been developed to the bottleneck period, which needs to find the rules between the massive data in the community and realize the breakthrough of natural language.

and Sina in the scientific and technological exchanges, Zhang Zhiwei confirmed that Google China will not continue to support Google answers, although this product is only the end of July on-line test operation. However, the good news is that in the search and community combination of products, Google will launch the world within three months of several other products or upgrades. But he did not disclose further details.

for the future development of the search engine, Zhang Zhiwei agreed one or two years later, there will be a search request from the mobile phone platform for 50%, and he also stressed that the natural language processing technology put forward higher requirements.

this year, Google China has experienced a period of intensive loss of staff. At the beginning of May, Google Chinese has sent recruitment notices, from the time of the recruitment page can see, Google China vacant post of research and development about six categories, including two in Beijing and Shanghai Research Institute of R & D Manager and other leadership positions.

said Google Chinese this situation, Zhang Zhiwei said the recruitment progress smoothly, the current Google Chinese research team has basically flat with last year, filled the loss of jobs. It is reported that Google China research system will be mainly involved in the global project, in a period of time will be in the Chinese launched a new version of the input method. (Meng Hong)

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