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news January 12, 2012, allowing individuals to register the domain name has been the most popular topic in domain name registration services, meeting at the ninth session of China Internet address resources (CNNIC years), director of the CNNIC meeting in 2012, breaking the ice and open policy, promote the individual CN domain name registration.

meeting also further raised on the personal registration.CN domain name program:

1, audit standards: for personal registration audit principles, personal rights and interests of the name of the development of audit standards.

2, audit process: through the process and technical system adjustment, speed up the personal registration audit process.

3, promotion: combined with the application of personal networks to encourage the application of personal domain names.

4, domain name price: for personal name domain name, will develop targeted price strategy.

previously, CNNIC Qi Lin also said: "from the trend of the development of the Internet, allowing personal domain name registration is represent the general trend". The Ministry of industry, the non operating Internet information service record management approach clearly the individual can open a web site, then the corresponding domain name with the site, should also allow individuals to apply for.

December 2009, CNNIC began to regulate the domain name, the strict implementation of the national policy review, individual users since December 14th of that year, are not eligible for domain name registration. And before December 14, 2009 registered individual users will be able to retain the domain name, only need to provide the necessary personal identification.

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