used to be a place where people love and hate in Zhongguancun.

mentioned here, most people will think of Dinghao electronic mall (hereinafter referred to as tophere), Hailong Electronics City (hereinafter referred to as the Dragon), Zhongguancun e world in front of those who need the black Lanhuo everywhere dense small shopping guide, store counters, all kinds of all kinds of accessories, and Sichuan people endless stream. Especially in computer Zanji era, Zhongguancun is like an open assembly plant, to meet the different needs of different groups of IT products.

but with the disorderly competition within the store brought by fake and refurbished products across the Zhongguancun electronics stores reputation plummeted, which is the flagship B2C model of the Internet business by extrusion. People are more and more used to shopping in the online shopping mall, brand awareness is also more and more strong. Zhongguancun electronics store is also a change in the past bustling scene, began to depression.

the small bosses in the counter are trying to change. They set up shop on Taobao, after the registration of the company to find a way to become a supplier of Jingdong, while others from the sale of computers, sell mobile phones to repair the computer, repair the phone".

in spite of this, the iteration of Zhongguancun will inevitably come. In 2011, the Pacific Computer City closed after the Zhongguancun e world after the Spring Festival in 2016 announcement, said it would hire, as a whole or whole way of unified management, no longer engaged in electronic stores business. In Western Zhongguancun, new formats to Zhongguancun Venture Street as the representative of this area has become the new coordinates, a wave of entrepreneurial space emerged.

July 7, 2016, great location of the dragon also posted "notice", "Claro upgrade".

stores the time Zhongguancun only insisted tophere. In addition to "computer city", "Silicon Valley of China", "Venture Park" these existing labels, what will be the future of Zhongguancun’s new label?


Zhao and his wife counter in tophere building A a side three layer position. The counter area is not large, up to three or four square meters, behind the counter on the shelves of half filled with ink cartridges, toner cartridges and other printing supplies, the other half were all filled with messy data line.

Zhongguancun tophere underground layer of mobile phone stores. Photograph: Lu Meng

it was Wednesday, the day before the closing of the dragon. And the other day, still not what the customer in the store, just watching movies, watching TV, playing the game stall. Relatively good business can hire a shopping guide to help, the recession is mostly married.

Zhao did not hire. Asked how the business, he asked, "what can I do? All day is a day!" this situation has not said how long it lasted, but he did not fully agree "is the impact of the electricity supplier lost jobs".

"we’re all here"

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