sina science and technology news on December 18th afternoon news, today there are people in the field of investment to Sina Technology revealed that pig eight quit network is seeking to assess the value of 10 billion yuan a round of $1 billion financing. And in June this year, is located in Chongqing pig network has just announced the completion of 2 billion 600 million yuan of financing, valuation is also $10 billion.

the investment community from a domestic Internet giant strategic investment department, which revealed to Sina Technology, pig network is 10 billion yuan valuation of a new round of $1 billion financing. However, did not further disclose the use of pig eight quit network financing.

this news has been confirmed by other capital.


technology on the matter to the pig network confirmation, the other is not denied, but that "before the financial 2 billion 600 million had already been valued 10 billion yuan", and citing other reports to explain the current valuation is 11 billion.

pig eight quit cited reports from last week to 40 million yuan investment in the news network. But the valuation and financing of this round did not further explain.

investment told Sina: "after 2 billion 600 million yuan financing to refinance 1 billion, but there were no obvious changes in the valuation, not too normal logic."

latest developments, pig eight quit network to sina science and technology, said the sound: financing news is not true, pig eight quit network is not currently in a new round of financing.

public information, pig network was founded in 2006, the main service outsourcing, headquartered in Chongqing. In June this year, announced from northern Chongqing District, Chongqing cultural industry fund and Cerberus group a total of 2 billion 600 million yuan B round of investment valuation of 10 billion respectively. A round of investment is IDG, the amount of $10 million. The first round of angel investment amounted to 10 million yuan, the investment side is born in Chongqing science and technology. (Lei Gang)

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