insiders said that the foreign video website to differentiate and coexist, domestic video website future concentration will be higher, and ultimately the formation of oligopolistic competition, now the video industry is the smoke of war. From a huge amount of money to compete for copyright copyright prices fell, not to talk about which home happy worry, the return of the copyright price is conducive to the development of the industry is worthy of recognition. In the industry view, due to the quality of the domestic video sites will become more serious.

in this regard, the investment adviser IT industry researcher Li Fangting told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, in fact in the current field of the Internet, the more active areas are mainly concentrated in three aspects of search, video, social networking, video website still has a good development prospects, between the current video website alliance made the increase of concentration of the industry competition. The video site competition will become increasingly fierce, video website social trend is more obvious in future.

321 pattern formation

competition will be more intense

The history of the development of

in China’s video website, in just 5 years time, the domestic video website after only the remaining more than and 10 mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, although they are still groping forward, but has a clear development mode.

data show that in 2006, is generally regarded as the first year of China’s online video, only in this year, China’s video site from the beginning of more than 20 surged to more than and 250. A large number of wind investment funds to invest in the network video industry, when the network video mainly imitate Youtube mode to UGC content based, and there is a lot of copyright drama. After several years of development, YouTube mode requires a lot of bandwidth investment, due to piracy reasons not to endorse its advertising advertising value, the industry generally fall into the plight of "burning". In 2010, the United States as the main genuine long video service Hulu network video China profit, have followed the Hulu model, and in this year, Iqiyi video site owned by Baidu founded; LETV as the world’s first IPO listed companies in the domestic gem. This year is also considered to be genuine long video first year.

for genuine long video effects, various video sites has become the focus of contention, so in terms of copyright, copyright prices of China has a rapid rise in 2011, enterprises in order to buy a hit series splashed out to buy, which allow enterprises to increase demand for funds. By 2012, copyright prices began to loosen, which are due to changes in the video from the competition between the site to the pattern of cooperation. So there is the so-called "321" pattern.

and the industry’s definition of "321" refers to the competition, 3 Sohu, Tencent, Iqiyi Video Video 3 video website backed by a tree, and formed a VCC organization; 2, Youku potatoes two integrated video website, the two have been merged. 1, which has the industry’s most complete copyright library and the most complete industry chain of music and video network platform to build cooperation together

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