since last year the Internet boom in mergers and acquisitions such as now and to the classified information website. Announced before the merger of 263 online business information classification. The latter is one of the earliest online classified information website, its online flea market was known to the majority of Internet users.

acquisition of the transaction through cash to buy, does not involve equity, there is no transfer of employees, but the background data butt. After the completion of the acquisition, Ganji will take over 263 of the classified information business – the network of content and user related business overall. After a certain period of time, Ganji will return to the 263 group of domain name.

, the reason why we acquired 263 online, the focus is on user resources, which is part of the core assets of classified information website.", founder CEO Yang Haoyong said, Ganji in the second half of 2009 began talks with, the whole process of negotiation for two months. 263 online by the 263 network communications Limited by Share Ltd injection, is one of the earliest classified information website, has a good reputation and a wide range of user groups.


appears to have been tepid, but after several years of exploration and practice, classified information website development in the low-key far beyond the ordinary people’s expectations. As the originator of the classified information website Craigslist, currently in the overseas market has Ebay be roughly the same revenue last year, is expected to exceed $100 million mark. Data show that in 2009 China’s classified information market size will reach 30 billion yuan. According to the global well-known Internet monitoring and analysis firm comScore recently released data show that Chinese classified information industry website much higher than the average growth rate and real estate industry portal website, classified information website in China ranked the top three were, the 58 city network and baixingwang, among them, important index in the user average length of stay several evaluation value of the site are obvious advantages.

Yang Haoyong said that a new round of financing Ganji has been launched, currently has a number of investment institutions have had to negotiate, and is expected to be completed in the second half of this year. At the same time, 2010, Ganji will focus in the channel of the plough, the original Beijing market will be strengthened, the establishment of the Shanghai branch of the Guangzhou Shenzhen market, comprehensive promotion, will deploy a full range of channel strategy. 263 users nationwide, it is precisely because of this, there is a supplement and perfection of the value and significance of, the integration of this part of the user, to expand the overall market in 2010 is undoubtedly an important strategic step.

"M & A 263 online, go to the user and flow. Or, go to the market to get a good price." Industry experts said that after the merger of the two, the domestic classification of information market how much impact, is still unable to judge. But what is certain is that in 2010 will be classified information website competition into a white hot year, the industry reshuffle is inevitable

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