editor’s note: Wang Jianshuo once said in an interview, "what do you want to write a blog, every day to write an article, write for ten years, eight years is what? Write the value of blog is far less than the value of this industry, but I can do so long." The cause refers to the classification of information website people network.

1999, Wang Jianshuo graduated from the University, and then entered Microsoft, after six years of departure, joined the eBay. In eBay, he started with classified information website eBay’s Chinese station "kijiji". In 2008, renamed Kijiji people network, complete localization.

do people network 8 years of history, Wang Jianshuo experienced a technology platform from the Internet to the mobile Internet transition process. As he puts it, such a large platform shift is almost a lifetime. And even more difficult is that an old Internet people accustomed to the original technology and ideas, how to confirm the irreversible trend of the arrival of sina tide, how determined to adhere to the transformation. When he found his practice a lifetime of martial arts, go to war with the police is to see the opponent, he thought about what the problem?

this article 36 of krypton people network founder and CEO Wang Jianshuo interview, and last weekend in Shanghai open day Wang Jianshuo also made a speech to share content into text. If you are the older generation of Internet entrepreneurs, in the way of entrepreneurship has gone through six or seven years or even longer, it might as well listen to Wang Jianshuo talk about the old Internet people how to look at the wave of mobile change?


under the tide of mobile Internet, people’s network on their own positioning has not changed?

is now very clear that the people’s network is a mobile Internet Co, is no longer a Internet Co. This is in fact the whole mobile Internet tide, the signal is very clear. From this point of view, we are in the shape of the entire company’s culture and competitive advantage.

transition to mobile Internet Co when it was decided?

In fact,

does not have a clear point of time, the perception of the moving tide is slowly, slowly the tide of rapid. Just starting to change the rules of the game are found, and then immediately went to learning in the end what kind of change, change understand happened later, immediately make a decision to put all the resources, and the whole company in full wave above. I believe this is basically a path for many companies, but also our path, but we are very determined to go.

consider the transformation, which focus on thinking about the problem?

transformation is a major event for any company, a very big thing, not even a simple strategic level, because basically people may encounter a lifetime

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