today in a blog, suddenly see the word "success is repeatedly doing simple things, I can not help but think we do not remember this station: just began to stand, always looking for off the shelf stations, but also specifically looking for with acquisition function that total want to find a large, each is a station to do a month at IP, and then find out neither dead nor alive, another program for a content stand to do, toss a small half, do not stand a few, one made, but also because with the same domain name to be K two domain name. In fact, do stand and do other things is a reason, most in need, is the most taboo chop and change, persevere, replace the contents of the frequent, do a thunderbolt download station, a music station, then changed into a game of energy into the station, but not exclusively, finally nothing. Do one thing, to master the correct skills, enough patience, no matter what they say, don’t worry what others do, as long as you think, we must stick to uninterrupted efforts will succeed!

think of their own stand experience, there are a few tips to communicate with you:

1, domain name is not the most important. Many friends began to do stand, are likely to be like me, want to find a short but loud domain name to do stand, have a good domain name is good, after all, a good domain name is not easy to get, especially the US personal webmaster, and I asked around a lot of different age of Internet users, they use the Internet is not directly enter the domain name, the answer is basically never remember domain name, want to use Baidu Search what content can be found, indicating that the domain name is not the most important, unless you have such a domain name

2, the soul of the site is content. This point should be a consensus, a station, success or failure, you will see the contents can be attracted many users, and now we are here to collect some love like a swarm of bees, collect some, content is more, with many dumpster infinite repetition of the content, there is no vitality. Usually be K. So to do a stand, the most important thing is to have your unique content of the station, with others do not repeat, and is often updated. So in the choice of the content of the site, I suggest that you choose to be more familiar with the field to do, so as to ensure that the content of your site is not only unique, but also the weight, attractive!

3, website content should be fine not miscellaneous. As we all know, a person, if to do several things at the same time, it may be one thing did not do a good job, is a matter of two minds. Do stand is the same, our personal station, no need to pursue the kind of looks like a portal the same effect, the station content is too wide, one is to maintain too much effort; two is too much, there is no gravity, can not form a fixed base; three is the relationship between the contents of treatment if not, will make the whole station is out of order, it may be counterproductive.


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