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on the network hospital department of Putian intends to boycott Baidu PPC "news, @ Baidu news today issued a statement to respond," said Baidu recently due to increased regulation and illegal hospital, caused the largest private hospital group in Putian Department of boycott. Last year, Baidu has accumulated more than thirteen thousand illegal medical institutions to deny customers, more than 60% of the Department of Putian hospital. For the boycott of the Department of Putian, Baidu attitude is very tough, it is clear that the " will not waver; high threshold, strict audit " determination, and will increase the remediation of the Department of Putian as the representative of illegal medical promotion."

Putian Baidu from love to kill

Baidu strongly worded statement has undoubtedly indirectly acknowledged by the Putian (China) Health Industry Federation released but did not cover the red chapter on the cessation of all paid network promotion notice the authenticity of the document. Reporters in the Department of Putian, a number of insiders real time, it does not deny the existence of the document, the industry QQ group to see the relevant notification content". Wu Xidong, executive director of one of the participants, said, only a part of the initiative issued by the participants, has not yet formed a resolution." But informed sources claimed that micro-blog and Baidu, whether to break, Putian seems to have not yet reached an agreement of "hospital departments in some remote areas, the local military hospital because the contract is likely to be Baidu offline processing, so the attitude is more firm, and that will be linked to other search engines, but some good reputation, large scale the Putian Department of the hospital would not leave Baidu, because the original Baidu remediation adverse medical customers will not involve them, instead, they make good ecological development will be better." But the Putian Department of the latter is a firm blow to the hospital if there is no desire to evacuate, the local branch of Putian will call the hospital officials repeatedly talk, constantly pressure."

Department of Putian Baidu from "love" to "kill", the media that is the medical department of Putian’s dissatisfaction, said on Baidu for promotion is Baidu bidding in accordance with the number of charges, according to the ranking order of the price level to the user push the relevant search results, pay a higher, more high ranking. But this is not the most frustrating, the contradiction is related Baidu keyword set too much, which means that the hospital should pay for the ranking of countless search keywords, the cost will rise, there are revelations called "a keyword click received 999 yuan". A group of digital media is widely cited, Putian Department of advertising investment 60% to the search engine, search engine promotion expenses in some hospitals even accounted for turnover of 70%-80%, so that the competitive ratio of first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai is even more alarming, "there is a hospital for a year income 120 million yuan, 100 million yuan to vote for a search engine."

Putian Department of private medical institutions in China occupy the absolute dominant position. The State Planning Commission website data, as of the end of July last year, the national total of 11830 private hospitals, engaged in medical industry of Putian people "

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