Ali’s new entertainment treasure is a kind of product? Will the public funds for Ali entertainment investment, whether it is the new direction of development, its income is how to get? This article from the known new users who answered.

see some comments, there is Taobao’s public relations have stood up and said: Entertainment treasure is an insurance, not all chips. Netizens misread. Because all the chips can not promise returns."

I think I’m talking about substance. As for the provisions of Chinese law, does not allow illegal deposits from the public, please check it, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the four elements. Raise the public is not illegal, but can not constitute an illegal absorption of public deposits, illegal issuance of securities, said the congregation raised nothing terrible. The United States has been engaged in 4 or 5 years.


is actually doing is to raise the public, in order to avoid is not specific to the crowd to raise, through the Internet and other media public solicitation, promised returns of these legal red line, with a way of insurance products, this is to Chinese compliance requirements. But the essence of all the chips, but also in line with the public to raise the spirit of entertainment and universal value.

I think Taobao this trick too hard, talk about personal views, reference:

Taobao will lead the Internet Financial upstart – "chip" model

I have long been concerned about the Internet banking industry, I think the move Taobao far-reaching. This means that Taobao has been trading under the line of financial products online such primary Internet banking model, into a more advanced Internet financial model – the public to raise".

all the chips, 2009 originated in the United States, refers to the project sponsor by using the characteristics of the Internet and social network communication, mobilize the power of the public, centralized public funds, and channels to carry out an activity or a project or a mode of financing business enterprises to provide the necessary financial assistance for small businesses, artists or a person. Various types of chips include: raise public debt, equity congregation to raise the public to raise the product, donated all the chips.

April 5, 2012, U.S. President Obama signed the JOBS act, giving the public to raise the legal status of this new form of financing. The Act allows all of the company through the company’s website, print, TV, social media or through third party websites and other forms of private to public solicitation or public advertisement form.

Taobao will raise all points to the cultural and entertainment industry, the industry chose the best

relative to the public ownership of the chips face many legal obstacles (such as illegal deposits from the public, illegal issuance of securities, the number of companies, etc.). All the chips in China to raise the legal obstacles smaller, easier to develop. The product of all the chips has the advantage of small amount, the number of participants, topic, simply said, is to spend money for fun. Cultural and entertainment industries, especially the film industry attention, the audience base, the majority of young people, Taobao

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