derived from the group offer preferential offer, takeaway, travel, ticketing, sharing of economic business, is inevitable. Buy is no longer just a single promotion form, but from the discovery to comment to the transaction to the CRM to the full closed loop. However, although these changes can be changed to do a single action to buy the structural problems, whether it can improve the gross margin, the ability to form a continuous value and stickiness, is still a big question mark.


Groupon invented the group purchase mode, will soon be quickly copied Chinese, after thousands of war, experienced in 2012 2013 public comment, where to go, Baidu and other giants of rolling live independent group purchase website has is one of the few: beauty, rice, handle etc.. Starting in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 the outbreak of winter 2014 silent shuffle, after several stages of 2015 group purchase website is entering a transition season, although to the United States delegation led by the group purchase is the banner of bigwigs recent huge financing and listing a lot, but from all indications now has to not transition moment.

The "original sin" will let

industry group purchase market disruption

U.S. mission network

has become the de facto leader group 8009 group purchase, monthly report shows that U.S. market share has reached 6, the hotel industry strength is as high as 7, in a large city ranked first, in fact has become the king of the group purchase. However, not profit, always burn Beauty Group recently suffered embarrassment, this Monday media group completed $700 million D round of financing, valuation of $5 billion, lead investor Sequoia Capital, then participated in the U.S. group round of investment Sequoia Capital denied the U.S. group that did not know. In the eyes of the reader, this story a little dog".

coincidentally, the same loss of Jingdong in the last round before the IPO round of financing for D, the same size of about $700 million, valued at more than $7 billion. 2013 New Year’s Eve to submit IPO applications to complete the listing this year, raising $1 billion 780 million. Another fact in the second half of the public comment in the F round of financing, the final strategic investment by the Tencent, into the embrace of giants. The two case also appears to be the final outcome that the United States Mission: for the business to profitability in the short term, the last (or) beating IPO, or were sold to the giant after several rounds of financing, from the perspective of historical data, the E wheel is a ridge, to the F round, G round continues. It is a miracle.

and $700 million in financing is accompanied by rumors, the U.S. mission network before 2017 does not consider listing, but this year the industry also rumors that the United States mission is planning to hold stocks of the window period, walk the road there are rumors about the Jingdong, said the group is not listed as soon as possible, but not likely in the short term market, one of the most important the reason is the group purchase industry unspoken rule. Recently, group purchase industry more and more unspoken rule was revealed, which is considered to be the industry group purchase of "original sin" gray zone can not be the capital market.

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