with the continuous development of the network, the network market has emerged a large number of webmaster and gold, a variety of ways to use the site to make money out of the. The shortest to the number of electronic commerce this one, many companies use the Internet to increase millions or even tens of millions of annual performance, many individuals also use the C2C electronic commerce website has created many myths, remember Ma Yun said a word: "now do not enter the e-commerce, 6 years later will regret. We just have mobile phone radiation on several products such as hands, and also did a Bo win online shopping mall, the mall is so since it is a sales oriented website, so I also give you a brief talk about the marketing type website should have those things:

1, domain name selection

remember, the best is relevant to our sales of the brand, the advantage is that you can let others first visit to buy, but it is easy for users to remember, when the user demand for the product, he would immediately think of your website, can make second purchase.

2, the site’s tone selection

clear, clear, as little as possible, so that users can better shopping, even if he does not buy, he will visit several pages of


LOGO to clear, because the user to open the site first is from the top down, so LOGO will be first seen by the user, it is best to be a subtitle next to LOGO, allowing users to see one eye you LOGO know what you are doing and what to sell products.

4, advertising title or home page FLASH

and FLASH show the best advertising title do a clear promotional activities such as advertising, what, what concessions, a lot of people have petty psychological, the discount and promotional visitors might not want to buy, see successful enough to buy a discount.

5, even if the choice of communication

even if the communication to consider the user’s habits, generally have a "customer service system (click to communicate), Wangwang and QQ, and MSN. These are commonly used. It should be noted that the instant messaging system must not have the kind of visitors into your site will pop up, welcome you, friends from XX. This is a fatal problem, we usually open the website of others, the play is generally directly off the page, visitors will think you can see it on your website for example in every act and every move, and if you go to a store to buy clothes, you go in, the salesman will follow you, you will feel he wants to be a thief, even if you want to buy, will immediately lose interest and leave.

6, order phone

in the eye-catching position of the site, it is best to put your company’s right on the top of the phone, it is best to apply for a 400 phone, give a person

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