star photos door, Edison Chan, A Jiao, Cecilia Cheung Post Bar spoof picture of divorce…… Key words such as the emergence of a new tide in the garbage station, many webmaster from this event to get a lot of money flow.

For example,

overnight Baidu Post Bar A Jiao bar bar owners, high MM, by human flesh search to complete data, relentless ridicule.

skyline has appeared with the shortest time, click break 10 million, reply to break the door to discuss the 100 thousand pornographic posts.

related domain names registered by a space, many sexual channels and photo channel launched a pornographic special promotion, Firefox hit "under Firefox, passion advertisement watch pornographic". And the most outrageous than in Taobao, actually someone 2 dollars a full range of photos, but there are dozens of turnover.

very good very strong, very yellow very violent, very CCTV very Edison Chan, all of a sudden into a string of sentences.

there is a pornographic website to rely on the key words of the site is also excited, revealed helpless, just a few days, there are 8000-10000IP, nearly 100 thousand PV, but the space is very easy to overload.

have to admire the savvy webmaster, indeed in the wave of a tip received interest. But as early as January 23rd, the central 13 ministries have deployed a joint crackdown special action, focusing on remediation of audio-visual programs, blogs, podcasts (video sharing), the network and mobile phone network, animation, and hosting and virtual space as pornographic and other harmful information to provide online communication places and channels.

at present, the country is still busy rescue and disaster reconstruction work after the snowstorm in the south, and during the holiday, it seems not what happened, but the Jilin police have declared this illegal browsing pornographic pictures, signs, in accordance with the 07 years of consolidation momentum judgment, all associated with pornographic websites, all will become the object of attack.

browsing is innocent, illegal dissemination of, regardless of your site there is no pornographic content real, close to your life, so you should just leave behind the guard station, a huge flow of pornographic blade. After all, everyone is not the end of the world. Clever webmaster know get traffic from pornographic, clever webmaster should know how to fill it out, because of losses. to see a lot of friends not take it seriously, think things over, and that fool owners will continue to do so, but things are often not as you wish, because NetEase today have been the first to cancel a pornographic statement, instead of the pictures, even the topics have become Test. With luck, the webmaster friends should understand, what does this mean?

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