Switzerland is indeed a wonderful travel destination, both have highly developed economic environment, more peaceful and pleasant scenery of Taoyuan, but how to attract people to come to a consumer, is also a problem in some remote mountain village, switzerland.

Most of the

tourism marketing may choose to shoot TVC delivery channels, that channel spread wide natural know the person is much, watching the Swiss "my village" campaign, You’ll see. is important is not what channels, but whether or not creative enough to attract people, and produce interactive maximization and share.

a, telemarketing can also brush the global


telemarketing, a lot of people think that the traditional burst of wood. But recently the Swiss Grisons named Tschlin small village planning a telephone marketing activities, but maxed out of the global circle of friends, only 6 days, they attracted 23 million people’s eyes.


The villagers here

announced the village phone number, and welcome the global visitors call, they guarantee the village of 166 residents will be the first time to answer it. "If you make a phone call, but no one answers, we will reward you with a free trip to Tsy Grau Bindon, or give you another prize."


the news came out, people began to call, and the whole village can hear. The villagers to comply with the commitment, the first time to run over to answer the phone, if not enough time, the person who can get a free call Tsy Grau Bindon travel opportunities or other awards.


organizers will pick up the scene of the villagers to record the site to interact with friends, and finally a total of 30 thousand people call the number, which has 4000 successful calls. The activity of the promotional video received 1 million 500 thousand clicks, click on the promotional site increased by 500 thousand. 23 million people through various media reports, for the first time heard of this small village. It’s on fire……


two, live billboards

2015, the Zurich train station, an old man appeared on the screen, stunned passers-by, the father was in the beautiful Grau Bindon hill with everyone now!!!!


he invited everyone Ve Grau Bindon tourism, passers-by can decide quickly, would you like a crazy trip. Intimate uncle, but also take the initiative to help the office workers with the boss asked a false, this influence, absolutely not inferior to the new phase of the north to escape the Canton activities.

three, Facebook point

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