315 just in the past, the innovative consumer rights day, to create the electricity industry’s first online shopping carnival, the United States online, today officially announced its top 315 record. Huang Xiangping, vice president of the United States online reporters from the Department learned that the 315 big promotion Gome online in the electricity industry generally weak situation, contrarian has achieved a record: March 12th to 15, the United States online station traffic jumped 2 times, turnover grew 320%, an increase of 1103% mobile terminal proportion of mobile terminal the station is 40%. The concern is that due to the electrical products sales unpopular, effectively boosting the price of the 315 big promotion, the average customer price reached 3000 yuan, ranked the top ten B2C electricity supplier in the first, the mobile terminal price is as high as 2500 yuan, ranking first in the industry. Following the double 11, double 12, the Spring Festival after the big promotion, Gome online 315 new heights, to reproduce the industry growth miracle.

mobile terminal customer price of up to 2500 yuan ranked first in the electricity supplier industry

Gome online

of the 315 big promotion, with the help of 3 billion cash coupons, 315 yuan to grab the big home appliance, 5-8 fold grab limit empty ice wash color, 1 yuan to raise public awesome preferential measures, promised to "really cheap, really really really fast, quality, ease the four security, launched a new round of online shopping carnival. In March 12th 0, Gome online launched the first round of 315 yuan to grab large appliances, thousands of selling home appliances only 3 seconds sold out, the low price strategy to directly stimulate household consumption boom.

according to statistics, the United States online PC end of the average customer price reached 3000 yuan, while pulling the mobile terminal customer price, reaching $2500, ranking first in the top B2C electricity supplier. Huang Xiangping said that the United States online average customer price is high, and the main members category of the big promotion, Gome online brands explosion product price break, domestic joint venture TV price, three door refrigerator door price, fixed frequency inverter air conditioner prices of all major brands of a variety of explosive goods price break, by many consumers.



appliances selling brand TOP5 released GREE topped

it is understood that the 315 big promotion, Gome online air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, color TV become the most popular four categories of consumers, the four categories of sales accounted for the overall sales volume 60%, among them, the most popular GREE air-conditioning sales, Haier, AUX, Kelon, Hisense is followed by consumers the top five brands. Huang Xiangping told reporters: United States online is the only one to reach a depth of cooperation with GREE electricity supplier companies, the United States and the United States to enjoy online direct supply products, the production line directly into the treatment."

greatly promote transcripts from another perspective to understand the needs of the country’s provinces and cities to buy home appliances. From the results point of view, the most prosperous areas of household electrical appliances is Guangdong Province, in addition, Beijing, Shenzhen, the purchase demand is also very strong. "This fully illustrates the" online shopping "

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