Tianjin municipal government reserved domain name was registered. Website screenshot

CNNIC said cybersquatting has been canceled, Anticybersquatting persons suspected of forgery of official documents and seals

newspaper news (reporter He Guang) yesterday, reporters from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) was informed that the center has 18 "reserved domain name" by the outlaws false registration, including "tianjin.cn" and "120.cn" domain name, domain name registration has been CNNIC.

March 21st, CNNIC on its official website issued the notice said, during the September 2010 -2011 year in January, there are criminals posing as national institutions, local government and the telecommunications enterprise name, have registered "tianjin.cn" and "120.cn" Eighteen Limited registered domain name. CNNIC said that in January 2012, approved by the relevant departments, the center has canceled the 18 domain names, and to the public security department, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other competent authorities report.

CNNIC said the registration of these domain names are suspected of forgery of materials suspected of violating the criminal law, the crime of forgery of official documents".

yesterday, CNNIC said in an interview with reporters, at present, the relevant departments for investigation and identification is still in the fraud investigation process.

yesterday, the domain name industry insiders said Zheng Minjie, after which he had complaints on these domains. And the relevant evidence on the internet.

he said he to Xiamen and Beijing, Tianjin and other places of the court more than 10 "reserved domain name" for prosecution, he sued general domain to the government, if the government departments in the pleadings that are not registered, the pleadings will become the domain name was registered by the evidence of criminals.

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"domain name registration reservation" on speculation

what is reserved domain name?

reporter learned that, according to the twenty-fifth issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology "Chinese Internet domain name management measures" provisions, in order to safeguard the interests of the state and the public registry can make the necessary protection on the part of reserved words, newspaper industry and information department for implementation.

generally, the "city.Cn" domain name is reserved for the city’s government department.

, an industry insider told reporters that the "reserved domain name" protection first registration, registration to give up after the domain name, will no longer limit other persons registered, and the registration of the domain name, if after a year does not renew, will automatically be canceled at this time, other organizations may apply for registration.

the insider also revealed that this category >

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