1, enterprise website free promotion methods have?

we share a search engine optimization method. Search engine optimization is the most basic way to promote enterprise website. In addition to search engine optimization, corporate website more commonly used free promotion methods:

(1) viral marketing

is mainly to provide free e-books, free electronic magazine, free greeting cards and other content, through these services to provide public service, with the publicity of the corporate website. E-book content to have a unique, greeting cards in the form and content to make customers feel warm, so as to have the characteristics of the virus, so that customers automatically help you spread widely.

in line with the characteristics of the virus, in addition to greeting cards, e-books, can also be valuable articles, pictures, animation, video, small software, etc..

if the corporate Web site has a member, you can send regular electronic magazine to their mailbox, send greeting cards and other important holidays.

(2) soft Wen

soft Wen, that is, we are familiar with the gun, the purpose is to promote the enterprise. Soft Wen can stand to the user point of view, stand to the point of view of the industry, from the media point of view to have a plan to write and publish promotion.

what is the good soft? In a word: three flow gun draft with QQ, the second draft of the gun with a URL, first-class gun draft is sticky! When your soft Wen was valuable and others that are reproduced, forum or blog site top, your soft Wen is a success!

(3) community (Forum) to promote

forum is probably the lowest free promotion in the promotion of a way. As long as the master of simple methods, the Internet will be able to promote the forum. Forum promotion, where you can share a few tips:

· registered a number of vest, and mix a one or two well-known vest.

· according to different sites, different forums targeted publicity. It’s best to sort out what you think is the most popular, with the goal of the 10 site bombing. If you can send you some hot, hard advertising, people will think you’re a monster.

· in the forum post to pay attention to quality. The post is not much, but that was the top! The purpose is very clear poster, it is best not to hair, it is easy to be a moderator deleted.

· use the forum signature, put yourself in two words or three "sell", can not let go with.

· according to the weight of different search engines to promote the appropriate forum. Such as Baidu, Baidu, Sina know Post Bar asked love is a good place.

· post to have persistent, three days fishing nets two days of drying is equal to Yang Bailao.

· if conditions permit, you can try to use >

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