a little summary of personal knowledge, according to the type, size and direction of enterprise marketing, the operation of different emphases, need to be tailored.

1 enterprise portal

this is what we all need, at least a trust and business card information effect, of course, in the search engine has a good collection and ranking, the need for continuous optimization process. Quanzhou network marketing.

2 enterprise marketing network


is a production enterprise, or trade enterprises, as long as want to do their own network marketing, can be set up to make a direct retail network, thereby reducing the middlemen exploit. As far as I am concerned, it is not clear that there is a joint production and marketing enterprises in the network marketing is very good, like wheat bags, PPG, Acorn International, I think as a trading company, logistics and production outsourcing.

3 product review network

product reviews can guide user behavior, triggering consumer psychology, but also the role of word of mouth. This can be added in the enterprise portal user product reviews, or direct sales network can be added, you can also cooperate with the professional portal. For example, I would like to see the phone to NetEase mobile phone to see comments, see computer accessories will be online in Zhongguancun.

4 search engine marketing

A. competitive ranking B. natural optimization seo

5 network advertising

advertising alliance with the company, the way you can have PPC (CPC), CPS, where there is a strong taste of ant power, personal views.

6 trading platform

C2C: Taobao, pat, eBay international

B2B: global resources in foreign trade network, Alibaba in foreign trade, Chinese manufacturing network, HC, I can only give here know more influential and famous trade website platform, which family members need to join the truth.

7 industry portal

we know that the social division of labor is very detailed, the industry website is also, to submit your information to the professional industry website, or join the membership, so that the flow of information exchange more focused. For example, China Fisheries network, China Stone network, etc..

small and medium enterprises, may be in the domestic trade platform, or selling more attention, large enterprises may focus more on B2B, grasp every link conditions in detail, including the overall effect of marketing, brand value promotion will be greatly improved. Welcome to exchange.

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