State Administration of Taxation announced the network invoice management approach, will be implemented in April 1st this year.

vice president of Finance and the Central Institute of Taxation Liu Heng to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the network invoice related measures implemented, means that consumers can businesses to the Internet for shopping invoice, to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In addition, the invoice management of online transactions, e-commerce is an important precursor of Taxation, the state may accelerate the relevant tax pilot and policies introduced."


for the past ten years, the retail trade of electronic commerce in China at an annual rate of more than 40% growth in the rapid development, in 2012 the total size of transactions reached 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, accounted for 7% of the total volume of social retail goods, total annual sales in China chain hundred. The rapid development of the electricity supplier has caused a certain impact on the line entity business.

is currently investigating electricity supplier tax

March 7th, the State Administration of Taxation announced the "network invoice management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), will begin in April 1st this year. Network invoice refers to the taxpayer through the Internet, the use of tax authorities to provide (or approved) the network invoice issued by the system of ordinary invoices issued.

"approach" provides that the tax authorities in accordance with the needs of the invoice management, in accordance with the provisions of the State Administration of Taxation, commissioned by other units through the network invoice management system on behalf of the network invoice. The tax authorities at or above the provincial level shall, in the case of ensuring that the electronic information of the electronic invoice is correctly generated, stored in a reliable way, and verified by the inquiry, and the sole condition of safety, can be used for the trial of electronic invoices.

in accordance with the "measures", the invoice units and individuals must truthfully online network invoice issued, shall not use network invoice of Lent, transfer, false invoices and other illegal activities.

said the deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation Song Lan interview, the State Administration of taxation is investigating the electronic commerce tax, will be carried out to improve the system, both to promote the development of healthy development, but also at the same time, also need to fulfill their obligations to pay taxes.

as early as last year, the Ministry of Finance and other eight ministries have issued a "notice" relevant work on promoting the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce, in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai 22 provinces to carry out network invoice application pilot (electronic). With the release of the State Administration of Taxation approach, the network invoices, electronic invoices in the country began to accelerate the speed of.

Zero2IPO Research Center predicted that the government will introduce a policy of electronic commerce industry this year is the implementation of the relevant tax policies represent the general trend, if this year, online retail business costs will rise, prices will rise, the market competitiveness of the industry will be affected. 2013 China’s online retail market transaction growth will slow to 40% to 50%.

said there is no technical problem


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