Now many webmaster

China also joined the ranks of the construction of English website, here there is no lack of substantial performance of the webmaster, these friends can skip


for some English station novice, you whether your site does not flow and worry? Site to do all aspects of feeling is very good, why no one came to visit? These problems are actually every new webmaster experience, the vast majority of foreign users are using the Google search to get their needs things, almost each of the search results are tens of thousands more, for his new

should be how to deal with?

promotion website PR is a must, with a high PR can make your site search results ranking. So how to improve? Of course we have to establish their own external connection? Do a lot of Chinese station feel this is very easy, once you make English station feel very helpless, then from the soft start


a soft text in order to achieve the desired purpose, that is to do, good soft Wen is not only to improve the site’s PR is to establish a good foundation for the site to lay a good foundation!

below to give you an example of the promotion of soft text, in order to facilitate the special features of Chinese and English, hope you can be inspired!

famous company launched a new trade website

, a well-known Internet company launched a new website, business club – the World Trade Center

the purpose of this website is to promote the development and cooperation of world trade, the website content includes news, entertainment, pictures, classified ads, product information, as well as users to easily create their own exchange of small


. These are all free, it also fills a big gap on the Internet


Business Club – the World Trade Center welcome all business units and individuals free of charge information and communication, covering more than and 150 countries and regions, so that the world know you

products, narrowing the distance between countries.

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Well-known to launch new trade companies website

A few ago well-known Internet to a new site Web, business club – the

days company a launch

World Trade Center

This websit>

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