Ha ha, and so on for two years, finally appeared GOOGLE spoof BAIDU film.   after the hit GOOGLE in Baidu’s film rumored for two years. Finally appeared below this GOOGLE against Baidu’s video, please enjoy the "Google Baidu" video spoof: imitation of CCTV news in the form of a 17 minute "news" have appeared in the "poison," and many ironies of Baidu’s "news".

I believe that Baidu is not afraid, can withstand this attack, I do not think this piece must be GOOGLE employees to do, this is not important, important is that we need to go to the entertainment spirit of criticism. Because, only withstand the blow of the company, is a good company, can withstand repeated blows of the company, is a great company!

why does anyone doubt that GOOGLE did it? Because I am in the two years ago Baidu has written a hit Google "Baidu know better Chinese" video (also known as the "Baidu GOOGLE", let the blood "you know I don’t know"), very popular, so the video is considered by many people as GOOGLE on the Baidu spoof response time.

this is my creative Baidu hit Google film.

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