tiger sniffing note: from the original Medium, author of Chris McCann, Scaling YouTube with Shishir Mehrotra original title – Class 13 Notes of Stanford University s CS183C ". Edited by tiger sniffing.

this article summarized from the author in Stanford University course notes: CS183C – using technology to achieve lightning scale (Blitzscaling), Reid Hoffman John, the instructor is Lilly, Chris Yeh and Allen Blue. This lesson is YouTube before the product, engineering and user experience, the person in charge Shishir Mehrotra speech, the theme is the lessons learned from the YouTube scale.

1. Background and context

Shishir joined YouTube in 2008, a stay is six years. In 2008 YouTube’s situation was quite different from what we know today. During this time, although the acquisition of YouTube Google is considered to be a financial success, but the latter is not seen as a successful company.

all media reports that Google made a mistake, and even for some time Google himself think YouTube can not be successful. Six years later, YouTube was very different.


Shishir in the YouTube function and the traditional sense of difference. He is responsible for the official product, engineering and user experience. In addition to Shishir, Salar Kamangar is YouTube "CEO", Robert Kyncl is responsible for business (sales, marketing, partners, etc.).

Shishir’s lecture includes 10 "counter intuitive" lessons, all from the YouTube scale process, which is divided into three types:

• wise choice – and playing cards, what kind of table and understand the rules of the game is as important as

determine the strategic direction – the core issue of business operations

– your employees – and team related issues


two, downwind


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