2012 domain name growth trend

2012 turning point two big events

previously A5 webmaster network (http://s.www.admin5.com/) has reported.Cn domain name from August to enter the high-speed growth period. As of 2012, the total number of.CN domain name registration reached 6393287, an increase of 684053 over the year of September. The total number of registered CN domain name in September was 5709234, compared with August, an increase of 1200784. CN domain name in September, two months of growth in the number of total of 1884837 in the month of October. Hit a new high for the year. According to the latest data released by CNNIC in November,.Cn domain.CN domain name registration stopped growing, a total of 6368833, compared to October decreased slightly, but the overall number remained at 6 million 300 thousand, at the end of 2012, the recoverable amount of the market tends to be stable.

from 2012.CN domain growth trend chart,.CN domain name from the beginning of the year in May, the growth in the beginning of August showed a substantial growth trend. By October the total amount of registration hit the highest in the year, but also the end of 09 after the network remediation CN domain name registration, the largest increase of two months. By November, growth slowed down a small amount, the total level of basic maintenance in October. Although the December data has not come out, but it can be predicted in December, whether it is up or down, there will be no significant changes in the basic, in 2012.CN domain breakthrough 6 million mark.

from the peak of the tens of millions of levels, up to 6 million. .CN domain name after the end of 2009 the Internet bad information remediation and real name system after the new deal to prohibit personal registration, registered a total decline of about ten million. The lowest period is only about 3 million. Although the.CN domain name has lost its past glory, but this year can touch bottom rebound, the continuous growth of 3 million can be described as the turning point of the year, which is mainly due to the two major events:

first in May 28th China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that it will begin the implementation of the revised domain name registration rules from tomorrow. After the implementation of the new regulations, the natural person will be the first to obtain.CN and Chinese domain name eligibility. Over the past two years, China’s top domain name registered a decline of nearly 10 million. This is the fundamental reason to stimulate the.CN domain name bottoming out.

two is September 3rd, Chinese Internet Network Information Center and Tencent announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides will jointly provided extensive application domain based on the first phase of cooperation will be CN domain for the entrance, bound Tencent user’s personal space, and generate personalized domain mail. Then Tencent began a large number of.CN domain name, Tencent will be five digit.Cn domain name from 10000.cn to >

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