every 3 months a development cycle of WordPress, on the eve of Thanksgiving, released the first public beta version of WordPress 3.1: WordPress 3.1 beta 1, available to interested early adopters of WordPress enthusiasts to test.

for noble and elegant born WordPress, using PHP + MySQL architecture and based on GPL (GNU open license agreement) release, is an excellent architecture of personal publishing system.

, as usual, to remind you that this is a test version, please try not to run on your official website. You can set up a test station for early adopters, or directly log on to the WordPress 3.1 demo station (Chinese) experience.

WordPress 3.1 major updates include:

article format:

theme search:

internal links:

management tool block:

interactive management;

update built-in editor;

multi classification query;

custom article type index page;

clean background CSS;

user management;

network management;

password reset return.

WordPress 3.1 1 beta some of the bug development team has been aware of these bug and will be released before the official release of WordPress 3.1. Known bug is primarily a Fatal Error problem (#14729) and other known bug. If you find any problems in the test, you can also report through the WordPress official forum.

WordPress 3.1 beta 1 download.

Title: WordPress 3.1 beta 1 release

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