back in 2013, the mobile Internet era makes all industries to accelerate the arrival of the boundary between the melting, the past in the PC era of Baidu search, Ali electricity supplier and focus attention Tencent focusing on social market pattern is quietly changing, between the company and the industry boundaries are increasingly blurred, which not only intensified the giants unsafe sense, also let many innovators see opportunity.


is facing challenges, but in 2013 the nouveau riche is still the nouveau riche. This is not the development of Internet technology, a landmark year, but this year is the Internet investment worth write a great deal about one in the history, not only the amount and number of mergers and acquisitions investment has been repeatedly refresh, and even the subject matter is sometimes bigger than expected. After shining white silver hit extremely elegant and valuable. Behind a big deal, we can also see the giants and the direction of the future development of the industry’s competitive landscape.

2013, Baidu achieved rapid growth in the stock of 91, one hundred percent, rice network, wireless PPS and other investment acquisitions, the birth of 14 billions of mobile products, improve the mobile industry chain layout, ushered in the era of rapid development. At the same time also called Ali action is big, has access to Sina, micro-blog UC, High German map and a number of logistics company, but the integration effect remains to be seen. While WeChat has been in the hands of the Tencent, although the capital Sogou pen, but more focus in the overseas venture company, to seek the road of internationalization. The following figure:


Baidu: Ho throw daughter to improve the mobile industry layout

June 2013 Baidu

internal structure adjustment, forming a more distinct business system: search and group, to charge two mobile cloud, LBS and · three international division, where Iqiyi and two independent subsidiary. Business logic is clear, Baidu for strategic layout of the new ho throw daughter, while investment began to integrate the effect of xianshanloushui.

mobile · cloud strategy layout gradually clear

in August this year, Baidu’s $1 billion 850 million acquisition of 91 wireless, the largest Internet merger Chinese history, so in three days Baidu shares soared 10%, the follow-up has maintained a rising trend, up to $180. In mergers and acquisitions at the beginning of the 91 integrated wireless and Baidu can play a big effect? Public opinions are divergent. tickets, tickets, outside, entrance dispute.

today to see 91 wireless’s 91 assistants, 91 desktop, Android market not only contributed 3 one hundred million APP billion for the Baidu club, more important with Baidu’s own app store "Baidu mobile phone assistant, making Baidu occupy an important position in the application distribution market, padded short board. According to Analysys (Q3 application distribution data >

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