wrote an article on the soft article, called "soft Wen, it is not a good thing?"

has its own narrow understanding, at present a lot of enterprises and practitioners of "soft" awareness and understanding, to be honest, I personally do not agree. Some think that soft is the introduction of products, and some even can not distinguish the soft and news.

A, news generally have a thing, have a pretext, in order to have the news; nothing can have a soft wen.

B, the same thing, you can write the news, but different angles with different style, can also be written text.

C, news about the effectiveness, impact time is short, generally by the network, newspapers and other media based fast release; no soft timeliness, good soft Wen has a long time influence, can be published in a variety of industries, and even research authoritative magazines.

under the combination of their own practice and summary, talk about the 4 levels of soft Wen, or called the type of the 4. Not necessarily accurate, just personal opinion, welcomed the exchange:

, 1).

directly say how good a certain product; or throw a problem, and then introduce how to use the product to solve, etc..

this kind of soft text around the product itself function, characteristics and so on, but strictly speaking is not called soft, because it is not "soft"".

features: around the product, to


) 20

like to tell a story in which inadvertently appear to publicize the product or brand name does not appear frequently, it only in key areas.

this kind of soft text is generally just to expand brand awareness.

features: the brand name, 20

3), moisten silent

analysis of the product or the enterprise behind the ideas, ideas, ideas, and so on, as people often say that the sale of "let customers accept you, and then to accept your product".

such a higher level of soft, subtle influence on the customer, can be described as moisten things silently. However, the use of two premises: on the one hand, it is necessary to be patient, because it does not work as hard as the spread immediately; on the other hand, there must be something behind the product so that it does not apply to all products or enterprises.

features: ideas, run silent

4), waiting for discovery type

The spread of

some of the potential users of helpful content, the occasional article, do not even appear product words, when readers of this article, he went to see the author of the article, in order to understand enterprises and products.

this kind of soft Wen, like "without"

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