a lot of friends in recent years, WeChat is attracted to the precise fans and distress, seemingly can not find a good way…… In fact, in front of the use of "poison marketing" approach is pretty good, the effect is good.

so low cost marketing methods, we should use a lot, as for the effect, depending on your "virus" is not fierce, is not what others want.


can give people want, you can let other people do a lot of things, Money talks, bullshit walks. is correct.

today to share a very good effect leveraging WeChat to attract fans, not the screenshots, direct description, the method is very simple.

1, prepare a surprise gift

this gift, is related to your own, or is related to your product, so as to attract accurate fans.

, for example, I love photography to attract fans, can prepare a book, such as "50 strokes novice photography tips", or other small gifts for a shot or.

two, temptation


to the circle of friends or QQ space information, as long as the who give you the recommended 100 (digital set according to the number of their fans) fans, send this gift, which will send.

gift to a limited number of, for example, only two copies, to complete the first, increasing competition, increasing of gambling, so a lot of gifts, people will participate in the action, but only two can get a gift, so the final effect is much larger than the two gifts brought by fans.

three, mobilize the enthusiasm of

in order to allow others to participate, it is necessary to give the heart of the gift, to achieve the desired effect, need to use some tips.

1, to create scarcity: there are only two gifts, there is no more, the world has not, do not want to buy.

2, to create a valuable: if it is a gift of knowledge, it is said that this is the accumulation of all your experience; kind of gift, you can do their own, unique.

3, urgency: this activity only engage in three days, No. 15, expired. The urgency is to let others participate in as soon as possible, don’t let him drag, drag a moment, soon without enthusiasm, so what to sell, so he immediately orders is the most sensible.

four, to participate in a simple

do not make too complicated, as far as possible to reduce the difficulty of the other side of the operation, do not let the other side of the screenshot, but also to the other sets of praise, but also to the other side recommend friends, so that the operation is too difficult, cumbersome steps…… The easiest thing to do is to go to the grocery store and buy the same thing.

how simple it is to give a method, ready to copy, so that the people involved in the replication, and then sent to the circle of friends, to get it, so the most simple, it is not difficult.

five, >

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