for a lot like shopping, local community, dating sites, campus is also a big market, how to get the campus market, is also very important, of course, including a lot of online promotion. However, today, the main campus to talk about the promotion of the line – campus media raiders. Due to the campus advertising, the proliferation of posters, only a few small ads on the wall is very difficult to have an effect, you posted today, and in the evening it was torn. Advertising is persistent, like this can not be sustained, so the effect is not large, so we need to introduce the campus media.

as the saying goes, "the first advertising, the media", it also emphasizes the influence of the media on the brand is very large, this sentence is also very useful for the campus market. However, as a lot of small and medium sites, there may not be a lot of money to do social media news, there is no deep media resources. But for the school of this piece of media, we still have a way to solve, do not need a lot of capital. I talked about the following, but some of the recommendations of the reference, the purpose is to explore and learn together, we can make progress together.

we should all know, there are University Press Association, they might have their own community newspapers, or undertake newspaper articles published work. This will be easier than people in the society, students are relatively easy to talk, to narrow the distance. The most important thing is to appear in the campus newspaper articles, we have to make him positive news soft, not a simple poster advertising.

one, the organization of a city campus reporter conference, inviting the same city university campus reporter to attend, students are more willing to participate. Because the campus Press Association of people is relatively love to participate in extracurricular activities on the campus of the press conference, is to let them write an interview published in their school newspaper, of course, this newspaper is not necessarily a newspaper, the newspaper association can, then, we have to pay is small hospitality, so basically our website can appear in their campus newspaper, at least, there is a part of the students is to read the newspaper. (need to do well with the School Press Association, executive power is the key)

two, part way campus recruitment directly to reporters, they published news article in the campus newspaper, every one can give a few yuan, so spend a few hundred dollars, our soft news in many school newspapers, there will be more students to read newspapers, can let students have a a positive perception on our website, rather than from the perspective of advertising to see our website.

above these are a little bit of my proposal, there are a lot of deficiencies, the author has also done some of the stage of the test, the executive power is the key, I hope you expert advice and communication.

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