1 inventory of the Internet’s ten main operating modes

web site should have what, what the user needs, the site needs what technology…… In fact, these initial problems have been throughout the Internet today through the development of enterprises.

network queen MaryMeeker2002 predicted that the next boom after the rise of the Internet will be "SFO", respectively, on behalf of the search (search), discovery (find) and access (obtain). Now, over the past ten years, now, let’s look at the life of those all-powerful Internet Co.

2 "new line" O2O observation: Xiamen small fish net local community O2O business opportunities

is generally believed that the key lies in the construction of O2O closed-loop consumption, through the realization of the closed loop to achieve the realization of the accumulation of data and marketing precision, and thus the value of the O2O platform. In the "new line" in Xiamen City, with small net as the representative of the local community is through the original accumulation of users, play the advantages of localization, to build consumer with closed-loop marketing, the mining of local mass consumption opportunities.

May 13, 2013, focus on the service life of the local community in the Hangzhou 19 building completed a strategic financing 60 million yuan, which makes many local portal community sites in the commercial road to see a glimmer of hope.

3 website operators essential plug-in code, you use a few?

webmaster statistics

X, put it on the mixed word, right??

each webmaster must, of course, should be placed in the first one, do not know, a can also be used, with a really strong!

CNZZ webmaster statistics

the most professional statistical tools, technology, powerful, not to say that we have used.

Baidu webmaster statistics

Baidu own home, good things, in addition to commonly used functions, is conducive to their website optimization.

sharing tool

sharing tool is to add a share to the relevant button on the page, you can share such as micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, everyone, such as SNS platform. The webmaster only need to generate the relevant code online can be directly embedded into the site, you can get more traffic and exposure through the user’s share.

4 frequency Pro campus BBS, how to save themselves?

late love red maple, YLY, north end, and the best of both worlds, the sun and the moon, in a complete mess, Guanghua SMTH walnut forest community ", when one is already showing its age in BBS become your memories in the mind when, how many can face their own old age generation high.

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