Castle Peak is still in, a few red sunset.

the Silicon Valley giant buildings, but some of them seem to have The sun sinks in the west. company. YAHOO is one of them – the Internet benchmark. The "connection" magazine published an article on the front, the back that the old MVP prosperity and decline.

YAHOO initially worried investors is that once the company will be stripped of the shares from the Alibaba after what will happen, or YAHOO may not be successful in the end. But at the same time, investors may be most worried about the problem of long-term development. In the minds of consumers, YAHOO’s positioning is very vague – what is the company exactly, YAHOO is doing?

these issues over the past few weeks once again become the focus of investor debate, some radical shareholders even suggested that YAHOO to sell Internet business. In recent months, YAHOO executives turnover, has always been a high-profile CEO Meijer was forced to resign also faces risks, uncertain. Even YAHOO is quite proud of the business, the high degree of popularity of sports sites, is also facing the New York Department of justice review. In general, the way YAHOO in the decline in business have to go farther and farther, as far as the people even forget it once dominated the internet.

The most surprising thing about

is that YAHOO was a pioneer in the Internet: it was founded before Facebook and Google, the user has used it to send messages, instant chat…… In other words, today, most of the popular Internet applications and services began in YAHOO.

Internet rules maker

1994, Yang Zhiyuan (Jerry Yang) and David Filo (· David Filo) founded YAHOO, becoming the world’s first website to provide Internet navigation services, but also the most popular website. In 1996, the company officially changed its name to Yahoo (the iconic exclamation mark), and successfully listed in the same year.

in 1996, the wired magazine editor visited YAHOO’s office and wrote: "YAHOO is trying to impose order on the messy web file index". At that time, YAHOO through the web crawler and the user’s e-mail information continue to collect new URL (aka: Web site), then one of the 20 members of the "human Classifier" will be arranged one by one these. At that time, no matter what kind of way to detect, can prove the success of YAHOO to create a chaotic Internet order".

by the end of the 90s, YAHOO’s scale has been an unprecedented expansion, including: e-mail, instant messaging, games, groups and a portal platform. (remember the YAHOO Earth Village), in order to build itself into a search engine, YAHOO in 2000 and Google signed a cooperation agreement. At that time, the media commented that the giant has become the YAHOO Google to become the next YAHOO hope.

but then we saw that YAHOO’s stock price fell from $4 to $119.

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