[for Maxthon browser immediately see the ban, I did not feel surprised, in fact, Maxthon launched the right look, I have calculated that it will appear to be halted this ending sooner or later. To some extent, this is a mapping of the domestic video site shady heavy. So, that Maxthon browser immediately see opened network video industry chaos and punished, not too much. [



According to media reports

, Maxthon has launched a new version of "has video advertising fast forward immediately" after the Spring Festival this year, has caused great controversy, this version allows users the freedom in network video, and even video ads before and after the patch. This version was released, quickly attracted other video site Youku potatoes response, Maxthon sent a lawyer’s letter and asked the Ministry to intervene. In this regard, Maxthon CEO Chen Mingjie said recently, the Ministry of industry in April after the intervention, this version has been off the shelf. (according to the May 6th Beijing Morning News)

I read the report, did not feel surprised, in fact, Maxthon launched the right look, I have calculated that it will appear to be halted this ending sooner or later. One reason, and listen to the author.

I think, to see this sequence of events must first from the real situation, the domestic network video industry began to understand.

is well known, the emergence of the domestic network video industry, mainly by Podcast, YouTube and Hulu. In particular, the latter two, when they are in their different modes (free + short video + advertising, free + long video + AD) brought rolling earnings, once became the benchmark for domestic peers. In the risk investment promotion efforts, the number of users and the size of the domestic video website will continue to hit new highs, especially in the three years of 2006–2008, the domestic video sites up to nearly a thousand, even some video site traffic soared within one year a few times, market booms.

at this time, the video site began to show a person before the scenery, people sad after the embarrassment. This is because with the VV (video playback volume) continues to rise, to support the normal operation of the website copyright cost and video bandwidth costs rise, profit become elusive. When the domestic video industry realized that China and America is different, YouTube behind the strong support of Google, and the American film industry copyright concentrated in the hands of several film and Television Company Limited, which is the domestic video website is difficult to match.

so, from the beginning of 2009, the video site "bad tide hit, a large number of video sites have to exit because of bandwidth and shrinking of copyright issues, and still stick to the influence of the site, but a handful of so few. With the enthusiasm of investors to tend to be cautious attitude change, the mentality of the rest of the video site, also began to change. >

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