these days, a HUAWEI founder and President Ren Zhengfei alone at the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport taxi queuing photos online crazy pass, users have to see it shuabing. Ren Zhengfei overnight explosion of red, as many people dream of "network reds".

in the early 2012, there are friends broke the news at the airport ferry car encounter Ren Zhengfei, he took an old suitcase, but his face is not good, courteous and accessible, looks a bit haggard.

netizens fighting spirit was lit, some people moved, some people praise, but there are many people who disdain. Speculation, fraud, etc. show vocabulary is used in the old man. Small early just want to say, do not understand the suffering of yesterday, how can you make him by simple


regardless of how the incident behind, but because he was a soldier, a small early choice to believe. As a veteran, small early know, although the military career can bring us what the real thing, but it can deeply affect our belief, wrought iron will, execution and social responsibility.

was removed because of errors in the work of state-owned enterprises, after the divorce with his wife, 44 year old Ren Zhengfei lived in huts, hit the floor, 21000 yuan of funds back to the 2 million and to raise the debt, founded HUAWEI company. No capital, no contacts, no resources, no technology, no experience in the market, but it is in such a harsh environment, he is a successful counter attack.

a look at the value of

BAT employees: Ali 30 thousand, Baidu 50 thousand, Tencent about 30 thousand. The total number of employees is 110 thousand, and the total number of HUAWEI employees is!

BAT tax, Ali tax 10 billion 900 million, Baidu tax of $2 billion 200 million, Tencent pay tax of about 7000000000, the total amount of tax of 20 billion; HUAWEI own tax 33 billion 700 million!

BAT profit, Ali 23 billion 400 million, Tencent, Baidu,, total profit of 58 billion; 70% was taken away by foreign investment, while HUAWEI’s own profit of 27 billion 900 million!

that is to say, the amount of HUAWEI is equivalent to the sum of China’s most profitable Internet BAT!

two. Look at the structure of

HUAWEI insisted not listed. Not listed, does not mean no shares. HUAWEI 98.6% of the shares are distributed to employees, creating nearly 60 thousand shareholders, Ren Zhengfei is the founder of HUAWEI, he only owns a share of 1.4%. In addition to the shareholders can not vote, sale, possession of shares, shareholders can enjoy dividends and stock appreciation profits. Moreover, the annual net profit earned, almost one hundred percent allocated to shareholders.

shares the most should be given to the people, the shares into the internal development of the biggest incentive mechanism, the company’s net profit to stimulate the creativity of 170 thousand people, as the technology into the

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