recall the recent experience of the Internet, we often have a sense of trance. When the popular blog, blog colleagues have become a trend, we know that when Xu Jinglei’s blog the most cattle; not think, after a few years, the interest of all changed, guys popular "steal food", the first thing after work is on happy net or QQ farm, we that is all; however, the Internet "origin only people laugh," is now micro-blog heady, we have become a fan of Liu Xiang, "what" (what) "steal food", blog will become the "cloud". Then, curiously: next, who will replace the very influential micro-blog? Many Internet users will look into the light blog".

what is a light blog?

light blog for Chinese users, is undoubtedly a new vocabulary, but has attracted a lot of attention. Little net claims to be "a new, dedicated to high quality content publication and dissemination of the light blogging community"; in May this year, the grand launch of its light blog "push it", almost at the same time Sina light blog beta line – this shows the domestic Internet companies to compete for light blog this "cake" already.

according to relevant reports: light blog is a kind of network service between blog and micro-blog, also provides users with a platform to generate content to express themselves. Blogs tend to be expressed; micro-blog is more inclined to socialize and spread. Light blog absorbing the advantages of both, so as to attract a group, have their own personal independence of conduct and judgment of user interest. The light blog users can explore their own interests and the love of life in a more relaxed and simple communication.

reporter login little network experience what is the light blog, after the registration is successful, found pictures, music, video and other themes for attention. Click on the "film music" theme, recommendation 9 blogs are concerned, "every day a good movie", "black keys". The 9 light blog offers me the American film "match", the music of Xie Tianxiao and the "magic rock heroes" video, compared with micro-blog’s huge disordered information, light blog provides information focused on the theme, which is more in-depth and orderly.

light blog fun?

and micro-blog creative from foreign sources like Twitter, Tumblr also has a successful model for light blog in a foreign country, little network president Xu Zhaojun (micro-blog) is said to little net ideas from Tumblr. Tumblr is said to be quite popular among young students and white-collar workers in the west.

in order to promote the light blog, Xu Zhaojun interviewed by the media in the mouth of the sentence is: if micro-blog is a newspaper, blog is a book, then the light blog is more like a magazine. Someone has listed several advantages: compared with the light blog popular micro-blog: light blog can simply send post, no limit; the news was published, the light blog some nice interface; light blog of the "recommended" and "discovery" content "

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