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registration fraud tools of crime and illicit money. Recently, Yuhuatai District Public Security Bureau and Baixia District Public Security Bureau closely, successfully cracked the "6· 30" large online shopping fake ticket fraud project, which involved more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, involving more than 400 million fraud successfully solved. The production of a large number of online shopping website for the ticket fraud fraud Gang Liu, just graduated from college a few days they fell into the net.

online shopping tickets on the liar website when

in late May 2011 of the day, ready to travel to the field on the 30 day of the Yuhuatai District, Nanjing residents Zhang, through the online search log on to a ticket booking website. From the outside, this site is very formal, not only to provide a detailed flight schedule, and ticket prices moderate, there is an online payment platform in the bottom of the page, or the beginning of the telephone booking 400.

Zhang then according to the information on the web site, call the 400 phone site. At the beginning, the operator is a young girl, under her guidance, Zhang automatic transfer of more than 5000 yuan online banking with more than 5 tickets. Zhang asked when you can get tickets, the girl said the specific situation to consult customer service, and then put the phone to a male customer service". The man told Zhang, in order to successfully get the ticket, you need to enter a "electronic activation code", so, Zhang and his phone guidance, in their online banking in the input of an electronic activation code". Then, he got a prompt message, "congratulations on your successful booking, please arrive at the airport on May 30th with ID card print boarding", when one family Zhang 30 days to the airport, only to find the places where there is no print boarding their flight information, booking telephone call again when Zhang, but had no answer, know the deceived.

coincidentally, June 15, 2011, Yuhuatai District of Nanjing City, another resident Chen Mou, the Internet at home to buy tickets, by the same way of online shopping ticket fraud 4000 yuan in cash.

just graduated student design a website

after receiving the report, Yuhuatai District Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately carry out investigation. But in the subsequent investigation, the police encountered a problem.

originally, when the police investigators prepared by the victim to open the web site, but found that the page has been unable to open, the cunning suspect cheated a few money to close the server. However, the sly fox is not a good hunter. In Nanjing City Public Security Bureau network security detachment support, police quickly identified two cases of a gang, Yuhuatai District Public Security Bureau network security brigade Police Brigade, immediately in conjunction with the local police station to carry out the investigation. In coordination with the Public Security Bureau and the Nanjing Baixia District Public Security Bureau, eventually locked up a major crime suspects liu.

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