in the process of Admin5 rights management, there are many cheated, because the crooks with small amount of "" not in the graph king "" intermediary trouble ", refused to map and intermediary. Such as: The liar requirements, the first station to fight 200 yuan transfer fee. Only allow the remaining 3000 yuan fee through the figure king intermediary.

because there is no physical basis through Alipay Adsense exchange, payment there have been several disputes. Alipay in the evaluation of virtual goods disputes, lack of analysis and judgment, so easy to use liar. Some webmaster cheated very hard through appeal to money. Such as: The swindler asked Alipay Adsense to pay 200 yuan fee program, and then bilk. Through the Alipay webmaster cheated not successful appeal.

            hope that the owners in the transaction, pay attention to distinguish various false reasons. Be on guard against being cheated.

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