group purchase website visitors are the new year spring festival performance decline, the industry will break through the trough? According to the independent group purchase navigation site 800 report shows that in January this year, total sales of group purchase market of 1 billion 350 million yuan, down 14.6% from the previous month. Analysts believe that during the Spring Festival, the traditional off-season for e-commerce, but also limited to the courier outage, physical class buy sales decline, resulting in the industry as a whole market decline.

sales fell to the forefront of the site

group of 800 statistics pointed out that in January this year, the national market total sales year-on-year growth of 255% months of the Spring Festival in 2011 amounted to 1 billion 350 million yuan, fell about 14.6%. The number of offered in January 34 million 820 thousand, an increase of 339%, down 19% from the previous month.

at the same time, the top ten group purchase website sales accounted for nearly 92% of the sales climbed two hundred million yuan threshold of 3, including the U.S. group, handle, wowo. The sales of 100 million yuan stalls in the site has a total of 3, including public comment group, glutinous rice and F group. This is the number of 6 group buying sites and last month flat.

according to the group 800 data show that as of the end of January, the number of the group purchase site is 3790, down 117, and has spread to the first tier group purchase website, capital chain issues including 24 coupons, Groupon website exposed is before the ten cAMP signal integration reshuffle. Insiders even said that whether it is the entire industry or the first line of the site are experiencing internal stratification, this upheaval is likely to occur in the two quarter of this year, the total number of buy site is about to usher in the downsizing of the second.

services accounted for 83.3%

it is understood that during the Spring Festival, China’s Internet users are more willing to choose family gatherings, rather than the Internet as the main way of life and entertainment, resulting in the phenomenon of network traffic plummeted. Affected by this, the decline in the volume of goods purchased category.

according to statistics group 800, January push service group purchase 54 thousand, total sales of 1 billion 100 million yuan, while the real class group purchase a total of 9 thousand, sales in December from last year’s 300 million yuan fell to 220 million yuan. The local service group purchase products with its advantages from the courier industry limit up on January revenue hole".

This group of 800

, co-founder Hu Chen believes that although there are real group purchase products due to courier warehouse explosion cause physical sales shrunk dramatically, but the group purchase website in January for the Spring Festival holiday to adjust the proportion of products, increase the service group purchase items available during the Spring Festival a lot.

spring sales 334 million yuan

in fact, in the total score of group purchase of 1 billion 350 million yuan in January, during the Spring Festival (lunar new year to the beginning of the six month) sales amounted to 334 million yuan, which accounts for more than 91% sales service group purchase. Analysts said that this is directly related to the Spring Festival express outage.

group 800

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