Breast health to avoid the expired bra health network

what kind of bra is suitable for you?

bra size is too large, will cause breast sagging, not to the chest supporting role, the size is too small, it will have chest oppression, is not conducive to ventilation, serious will affect the normal blood circulation and lymph backflow, breast chest toxins Months and years pass by., do not go out, the mastitis, breast hyperplasia. Even the increased risk of breast cancer.

in the selection of underwear, bra should pay special attention to the size of the right bra size, preferably between breast and bra distance, can accommodate 1 to 2 fingers, and wear them to feel comfortable, free. read more

The 6 major causes of female breast pain female health network

five breast pain after abortion: because the sudden interruption of pregnancy, hormone levels plummet, the newly developed breast suddenly stop growing, resulting in breast pain and breast pieces.

six, sexual life after breast pain: the sexual life and physiological changes related to breast. Lack of sexual desire or sexual disharmony, fail to satisfy, breast congestion, swollen not easily fade, or does not subside completely, persistent congestion will cause breast pain.

women do not have to do this heavy-hearted, but for a long time not seen to ease pain, and even more serious, or touch the breast, we found that there are uneven, the edge is not clear, the activity of the poor masses, should go to the hospital early diagnosis. read more