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Social marketing traditional electricity supplier marketing new position

had previously been fiery "War Within Three Kingdoms electric" pseudo price war finally came to an end, with the domestic electricity supplier Godfather "in Ma Yun’s words:" the business with vigour and vitality "War Within Three Kingdoms" and "finally the comic farce end start". Jingdong mall initiative to provoke the price war, nothing more than a huge pressure on capital. For the domestic long-term survival by VC capital business industry, many commercial enterprises are relying on to earn money. Electricity supplier companies understand a truth, in the field of domestic electricity supplier, and finally only a few electricity supplier must have the right to speak in the market. There is nothing more important than to speed up the industry reshuffle to ensure that they can survive in the reshuffle. read more

Secret Airbnb those billions of dollars worth of companies the original is to do pitch

Abstract: entrepreneurs are well aware of the importance of financial statements for the management and development of the company, but they sometimes hesitate and delay in preparing the speech. The reason may be that they do not have a professional graphic design knowledge and professional skills, can not make a satisfactory speech.

usually, investors in each speech on the average stay time of 3 minutes and 44 seconds, so want to succeed in financing, it is necessary to ensure that a perfect speech. read more

Enterprises from the U S China business essence refused to explore poly dongshixiaopin

meaning "focus on the beautiful, cosmetics, bring a romance to a happy ending" because of its simple and interesting shopping experience, trustworthy and consumers, especially by women’s groups welcome, sparked concern. Recently, has finally successfully listed on the NYSE, their CEO also became the boss of the young Chinese companies landing the nyse. Chen Ou really became really rich handsome. Of course, just from this joke a bit meaning does not have any business, hope oneself can in Chung competition talent shows itself in the industry, enhance the performance in the shortest possible time, to expand the market territory listed. But really can do this and a few? Pure envy does not solve the problem, see success out of, it is all of our enterprises should think of something. So what are the advantages of read more

New media marketing winning weapon user experience

in the new media marketing common hard wide promotion, watercress hard wide is a very special existence. Compared to other commonly used in the hard and simple push push information, watercress has always been able to gently and accurately into the hearts of users, and users are also very recognized. Watercress win weapon is that it attaches great importance to the user experience, and has been committed to the protection of network users vulnerable heart.

has not been difficult to find a wide spread after the watercress hard to find, watercress network has been in the language with watercress users communicate. This long-term understanding of user preferences, and psychology as a starting point of the new media marketing mode in this era is undoubtedly an antidote against the disease, is worth promoting. In this literary and artistic place, even rigid advertising is also very literary and artistic, with watercress users enjoy a small fresh breath. Compared to many of those sites forced to implant, disorganized and lack of coordination of new media marketing hard wide, watercress advertising situation clean, fresh style, and good coordination. They, like other normal information, are naturally friendly to the user’s eye, allowing users to accept their presence almost without any resistance, even taking the time to read them. read more

Xu Jinglei two fashion online shopping to create the ultimate concept accessories


finished Du Lala Xu Jinglei’s fashion collocation is talented experience, while their fashion tastes will reach the peak of perfection. Not only is the mood joy in "bazaar" for the film magazine monograph, and accept the invitation to become an honorary editor of the magazine. According to informed sources sources: the recent old Xu hand to create the ultimate concept deserve to open "also will join the fashion website serves network, jointly launched a series of boutique fashion accessories collocation suite, and only in the show online exclusive sale. read more

ncreased access to a website out of thin air

In the NATO air bombing of China’s embassy in Yugoslavia after the incident, the country was indignant, online quickly as the theme of the emergence of a large number of small sites or album. There is a collection of news, there are various analysis, comments, there is a collection of signatures, as well as provide attacks on the national site of NATO tools, resources, etc.. Do these sites (Album), there are regular ICP, there are a lot of personal site. In that particular situation, whether these are temporary naturally or half unconsciously, will bring considerable amount of access for its master.

What is the name of

these temporary site themes can range without any restrictions, as long as it is hot, attention can cause the audience attention is greatest. ChinaByte as a rooted in information technology, the Internet giant ICP, in 1998, has launched two temporary site at the time of hot events: 98 French football World Cup, " " the Titanic movie station, was a great success.

You don’t pay attention to

read more

Website promotion planning make money make you hesitate

in twenty-first Century, the website has become the mainstream of society, the site does make a lot of money, but money more? Chinese there are millions of websites, a search engine in the first dozen to the first two pages, the traffic, but also is what word. In Chinese, many grassroots Adsense is rely on search engines to eat, competition is already large, not to mention the Chinese search engine giant Baidu to review the new requirements, but also a "interest", you do not have a good performance is certainly not the rank did not flow, then don’t talk about what money moreover, even if you have the word optimization well, he also has a Baidu promotion, he will spend money than your ranking, so a lot of traffic was robbed, that many novice webmaster worry, I spend money to do the space station to buy a domain name server, can not put the money back, my heart anxious. My customer is like this, I think it is easy to make money, always ask how can stand to make money, in the absence of the premise of the flow to sell advertising, etc.) read more

Future P manager or brand manager

from the beginning of last year, the word "IP" has become a hot, indiscriminate street words. However, how many people understand the true meaning of IP? A simple question: what is the difference between the IP and the brand to tell you that in the future, IP manager award winning brand manager……

a, IP and brand

from the beginning of last year, the word IP is hot, and in the year of " O2O" " Internet thinking, become " " only know, I do not know why " " indiscriminate street ". However, how many people understand the true meaning of IP? A simple question: what is the difference between IP and brand read more

Stationmaster net broadcast YY download station also closed Zhaopin 860 thousand user information di

1 website hacked Xiamen extortion million is the boss behind the credit company CEO 

commercial site was attacked, the system paralyzed for more than 1 months, hackers blackmail 1 million. Network security police combined with more than and 10 public security departments, the police arrested him. Yesterday, the Xiamen police released together with the use of hacking attack sites and commercial implementation case of blackmail and impose exactions on the suspects will be arrested, and. The case is the first case of Fujian Province, the use of hacking techniques for the implementation of fraud DDOS net loan company case. read more

n the wave of dagankuaishang ndustrial Park how much is the flow

thousands of Park side of the electricity supplier Industrial Park to cool down. Jingdong, Alibaba has listed this year, has become the hot concept of electricity providers to add two fire. The local governments began to believe in "a business spirit", the electricity supplier will be regarded as to promote industrial upgrading and industrial transformation of a ready-made panacea.

e-commerce Industrial Park is being replaced by industrial parks, local governments have become the new growth engine bet. It seems overnight, e-commerce Industrial Park on all levels of Chinese cities. And almost every area behind the electricity supplier forum, are also hiding the impulse of local electricity supplier Industrial Park investment. read more

Tai Chi advertising alliance pie net CPM product line notice

poison to broadcast the latest online advertisers who are CPM billing model, advertising platform for the Tai Chi advertising alliance.

advertisers: Pie nets

billing mode: CPM

: monthly settlement Commission

data feedback: two days

payment date:

month end of the month


. Net ( is one for the Beijing local workers entertainment website, through the answer rewards and various online games way for commuters to relieve pressure and fatigue in the..

in the pie network, users can learn about the local to Beijing’s most distinctive clothing, diet, entertainment, education, information, and information by answering questions in can earn some pie pie, accumulated can exchange for a variety of exquisite gift pie provided by the network (brand-name mobile phone, clothes, cosmetics, etc.) to the user at the same time required in the information acquisition to get a surprise, let the business advertisement every click effect becomes real. read more

Taobao’s first open data macro data free commercial data will be charged

March 31st morning news, officially announced today, will open for the first time for the global Taobao data, Taobao will be in accordance with the principle of hierarchical open Taobao data, involving macro and barometer of consumer data of Taobao will be free of charge, business data Taobao involves market situation, consumer behavior will open commercially.

it is understood that Taobao’s opening to the world data will have two major principles: first, Taobao data will be layered open; second, the absolute protection of the privacy of consumers or individuals involved in their own data. read more

Chen Ge tragic lesson power is the entrepreneur must first win

note: VC money is a double-edged sword, can enhance the company’s pace of development at the same time, may also direct control of this company is ruined, Chen Ge is particularly impressive, Jujing music network is the entrepreneurial process The imprint is engraved on my heart. lesson. In the book "lessons" Tencent science and technology conference, WOW intelligent headset founder Chen Ge in view of the Top100 failure experience, to remind entrepreneurs first to fight for power, have control of the company. read more

Adsense the highest price of the first ad unit was officially recognized by Google

          a long time ago, little A wrote an article, it is said that do not want to do more than Google Adsense advertising, to the best location for the first ad unit. This was confirmed in a recent article in Adsense’s official blog.

          Adsense official blog article called "the first advertising unit", the full text is as follows:

          as you may already know, an effective way to increase your AdSense income is to place multiple ad units on a rich web page. There is also a way to maximize your revenue from using multiple ad units, which is to ensure that the highest click rate is the first unit in your web page HTML code. May be a lot of publishers do not understand why this can increase revenue, the following explanation of how our system in the page configuration advertising. read more

How to make Taobao customers make money


customers as the name suggests, to help sell products users of Taobao customers, now more and more I joined in, do good people a week can do a few million, so how to do Taobao guest, we say that the technique is still there. Let me talk about the main steps to do Taobao guest.

1, the first to apply for a domain name, and a specific method of space, here is not to say, can apply for to all.

2, apply for Ali’s mother’s account, the choice of intelligent promotion, will become a piece of code, copy the code to the text, in order to save the HTM format. read more

Amazing video chat under CPA CPS shady High Commission

video chat industry as an emerging industry, in most people’s eyes seemed a bit strange, but there are a lot of people exposed to the industry, in 07 years began to appear several relatively good, based entirely on the Web do not need to download the video chat mode (extended to improve Flash technology and the network bandwidth), then the emergence of a large number of similar sites in 08 years, should be started in 08 years in August, some people have started selling this program on the Internet, especially in Chongqing, because the industry is an emerging industry, it has also attracted a lot of enterprises involved in this industry, 08 years of the beginning of September, video chat site like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rapidly appeared in general. read more

Let the breast forever young seven secret female health network

Methods: the

below the hands hold the interactive breast, gently lift, then holding the breast outside to the inside, can avoid breast ptosis and external expansion. First, apply some olive oil or natural moisturizing lotion, massage can be more smooth, while maintaining the skin of the breast.

: when to sleep, when to get up, to form a habit, and long-term adherence to

adult, the general changes in the breast is not large, but still because of diet, physical condition (such as menstruation, pregnancy, etc.) and change. Should always be concerned about the changes in their breasts, choose a fit bra. Wear tight underwear over 18 hours, will also affect the detoxification function of axillary lymph nodes, adverse to health. read more