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More than 10000 people receive UN food rations in wake of HurricaneMore than 10000 people receive UN food rations in wake of Hurricane

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is providing emergency daily rations to more than 10,000 people in Jamaica and Belize as they try to rebuild their lives in the wake of Hurricane Dean’s deadly and destructive sweep through the region earlier this month. For the next two weeks, some 5,500 Jamaicans will receive a 450-kilocalorie ration each day of high-energy biscuits, while another 5,000 people in Belize will receive a daily ration for the next two months consisting of pulses, vegetable oil and the biscuits. WFP said it is paying for the rations, which are expected to cost about $256,000, from its Immediate Response Account, a special revolving fund it can draw on in the immediate aftermath of emergencies when contributions from donors have not yet arrived. Carlo Scaramella, who is managing WFP’s response to the hurricane in Belize, said the rations represent “a key first step” for people whose livelihoods have been destroyed or drastically reduced by the hurricane damage. “While Hurricane Dean may have vanished from the front pages of the newspapers, the reality of its destructive power remains for thousands of very poor people who must begin to put their lives back together,” Mr. Scaramella said. Media reports estimate that at least 40 people were killed across the Caribbean and Central America as Hurricane Dean crossed the region earlier this month, leaving a trail of damage to key infrastructure. WFP said in a press release issued today from Panama City that it was able to respond quickly to the disaster because of preparations it took before the storm ensure that supplies could flow swiftly from its storage centres in El Salvador and Barbados to those affected. The Programme’s Deputy Regional Director Gordana Jerger said the speed of the response will prove even more critical in the years ahead, “given that the region faces a future of weather-related disasters whose intensity and number may well increase.” 30 August 2007The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is providing emergency daily rations to more than 10,000 people in Jamaica and Belize as they try to rebuild their lives in the wake of Hurricane Dean’s deadly and destructive sweep through the region earlier this month. read more

Biegler names the players for the Polish national team upcoming qualifiersBiegler names the players for the Polish national team upcoming qualifiers

← Previous Story World’s best player 2011, Laszlo Nagy: “Big honour” Next Story → Darko Stanic withdraws from the Serbian team for the WC in Spain bieglerdaszekjaszkajureckikuchzynskitwardowyszomirskizaremba Players will come to Plock at October 25. Six days later, Polish National Team will play against Netherlands. After this match players will be in Plock, to November 3 to prepare for the match against Ukraine, which will be held on November 4 in Zaporoże.We have few new faces like Michał Chodara (SPR Stal Mielec), Marek Szpera (SPR Stal Mielec), Mateusz Jankowski (KS Azoty Puławy), Przemysław Krajewski (KS Azoty Puławy), Piotr Masłowski (KS Azoty Puławy), Antoni Łangowski (MMTS Kwidzyn), Michał Bartczak (MKS Zagłębie Lubin).Biegler also resign from that players like Karol Bielecki or Grzegorz Tkaczyk.Polish National Team: Sławomir Szmal, Michał Jurecki, Krzysztof Lijewski, Tomasz Rosiński, Mateusz Jachlewski, Piotr Grabarczyk (all Vive Targi Kielce), Marcin Wichary, Michał Kubisztal, Kamil Syprzak, Adam Wiśniewski, Paweł Paczkowski (wszyscy Orlen Wisła Płock), Mateusz Jankowski, Przemysław Krajewski, Piotr Masłowski (wszyscy Azoty Puławy), Robert Orzechowski, Antoni Łangowski (both MMTS Kwidzyn), Michał Bartczak, Adam Malcher (obaj MKS Zagłębie Lubin), Michał Chodara, Marek Szpera (obaj SPR Stal Mielec), Mariusz Jurkiewicz (BM Atletico Madrid), Bartłomiej Jaszka (Füsche Berlin), Bartosz Jurecki (SC Magdeburg)Reserve: Adam Twardo (Orlen Wisła Płock), Patryk Kuchczyński (Handball Zabrze), Piotr Wyszomirski (Csurgói KK), Michał Daszek (MMTS Kwidzyn), Mateusz Zaremba (Pogoń Handball Szczecin)TEXT: Wojciech Wisniewski read more

Heres Wikileaks latest revelation about an unprecedented gagging orderHeres Wikileaks latest revelation about an unprecedented gagging order

first_img Note on upcoming publication. A “super injunction” is a gag order that also gags reporting about the existence of the gag order itself.— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) July 29, 2014 Gag orderWikileaks said that the last known blanket suppression order of this nature was granted in 1995.WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange said that with the order – which he described as “the worst in living memory” – “the Australian government is not just gagging the Australian press, it is blindfolding the Australian public”.This is not simply a question of the Australian government failing to give this international corruption case the public scrutiny it is due.Assange said he believes it is in the public interest for the press to be able to report on this case.Here’s how it is being reported in Australia and Malaysia: It explained:The super-injunction invokes “national security” grounds to prevent reporting about the case, by anyone, in order to “prevent damage to Australia’s international relations”.The court-issued order lists 17 individuals.The document also specifically bans the publication of the order itself.There are also fears that social media users could get into legal trouble for publishing Wikileaks’ documents on the case: Source: ALERT: In the next few hours we will release an unprecedented national security super-injunction (secret gag order) involving four nations.— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) July 29, 2014 Source: WikiLeaks/Twitter Read: Wikileaks are up to something tonight… But what?> Social media users could be charged for sharing Wikileaks story— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) July 30, 2014 WIKILEAKS HAS RELEASED what it describes as “an unprecedented” Australian censorship order.Last night, the organisation tweeted that it was to make a big announcement within a number of hours. Source: WikiLeaks/Twitter Source: WikiLeaks/Twitter It has now emerged that the information concerns a “multi-million dollar corruption case”. The story we can’t publish— (@newscomauHQ) July 30, 2014last_img read more

GameFly planning to release gamefocused app store for AndroidGameFly planning to release gamefocused app store for Android

first_imgGameFly is apparently not content to sit out the mobile gaming revolution. According to the company’s latest announcement, GameFly will be following in Amazon’s footsteps and rolling out its own Android app store. The main difference being that this one will be focusing on games.The other piece of the puzzle is that GameFly plans to fund game developers to create Android games. Presumably, those titles would then be exclusive to the GameFly store. Amazon has dabbled in exclusive releases on its store, but also has its already huge retail operation backing the Appstore for Android. Developers of iOS apps can still have games funded by GameFly, but all the sales will happen through the existing Apple-approved channels.Google does not restrict app installs like Apple does, so any service is free to distribute APK files to be manually installed. Amazon managed to make the process fairly seamless, but it’s still nowhere as smooth as the official Play Store. GameFly will have some work to do before anyone will give it the time of day.The challenge for GameFly is going to be whether or not it can convince users to install its Android client. Many people frequent the company’s website where they could encounter ads and promotions, but that’s nothing compared to Amazon’s traffic and reach with consumers.Developers have openly complained about the restrictions and review process in the Amazon store, so GameFly might be able to earn some good will there if it makes things easier on devs. The Google Play Store has gone through some rough patches, but it’s getting very good these days. GameFly is going to have to bring big games to its store to garner any real attention.via BGRlast_img read more

Google le bouton 1 débarque sur les sitesGoogle le bouton 1 débarque sur les sites

first_imgGoogle : le bouton +1 débarque sur les sitesLe célèbre moteur de recherche Google propose désormais à tous les éditeurs d’intégrer sur leurs pages le nouveau bouton +1.Google salue l’arrivée d’un nouveau venu dans la jungle des boutons permettant l’interaction. Après le “J’aime” de Facebook, le “Tweet” de Twitter, arrive sur vos pages web le bouton “+1” de Google. Les éditeurs peuvent depuis le 2 juin implémenter le bouton sur leurs pages web. Sur le service Google Ad Sense par exemple, les webmasters peuvent ainsi lire la recommandation suivante: “L’ajout d’un bouton +1 à vos pages permet aux internautes de recommander votre contenu à leurs amis et contacts dans la recherche Google. Vous pouvez ainsi attirer un trafic plus important et mieux qualifié”. Une adresse spéciale (lien non disponible) a été créée pour permettre aux webmasters de paramétrer et récupérer un script.  À lire aussiSéisme, Google et chargeur, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 22 juinLe Google +1 sera donc visible sur les pages des éditeurs qui acceptent de l’intégrer. En cliquant sur le bouton +1, les internautes indiqueront qu’ils apprécient particulièrement une page. L’action aura une répercussion sur le référencement. Zorgloob précise que l’effet aura lieu sur “le positionnement et la mise en valeur de vos pages dans les SERPs pour vos visiteurs et leurs contacts. Certes, le JavaScript et l’image du bouton font des requêtes HTTP en plus sur votre site, mais peut-être que le jeu en vaut la chandelle”.  Le bouton +1 est déjà visible sur YouTube, sur Add this mais également sur l’Android Market Web et permet ainsi de savoir quelles applications sont les plus appréciées.  Le 3 juin 2011 à 11:34 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

The Walking Dead Hate Watch A Man and His TigerThe Walking Dead Hate Watch A Man and His Tiger

first_img Look, everybody at Geek has mixed opinions on The Walking Dead. Either we haven’t watched it, knowing the criticisms that surround it, or have been keeping up but are ready to call it quits. As you can guess, this had made putting recaps together difficult. So, welcome to “The Walking Dead Hate Watch,” where each of us will watch an episode of the AMC show and try to make sense of what’s going on. We’re going to watch it. We’re not happy about it.After the firestorm that last week’s season seven premiere ignited everywhere, I was expecting something equally as bleak in the second episode. Instead, we get a reprieve from the blood and gore that is The Walking Dead while catching up on characters whose story runs parallel to the main narrative concerning Negan and his Saviors. To be honest, it’s nice. At least, until the tiger shows up.There are two things most of us knew going into the seventh season: that somebody important was going to die in episode one and that there was going to be a tiger. And there was certainly a tiger. The tiger didn’t do much, but it was there, and it was a tiger, and that was enough.The episode opens with Morgan and a bunch of men wearing football armor carting Carol, who is wavering in and out of unconsciousness. When the group gets attacked by zomb–I mean walkers, she stumbles off, seeing many of the walkers as alive before their faces suddenly shift. Morgan can save her with his staff, and she wakes up in what Morgan tells her is The Kingdom.The Kingdom, we learn as Morgan wheels Carol through to meet the leader, is oddly normal looking. Besides the appearance of two abandoned school buses blocking the entrance, most of it looks peaceful and communal. There are children sitting on a porch in a makeshift classroom, people are growing plants out of pots and drawers, and to my surprise, nobody is shooting up the place.So what’s the catch? It’s The Walking Dead. Nothing is “normal,” and if it is, doesn’t stay so for long. Within seconds we get a glimpse of that catch and his name is King Ezekiel and he has a pet tiger named Shiva.Gene Page/AMCMorgan is hesitant with revealing this information to Carol, knowing how ridiculous it sounds. When she meets Ezekiel, who is sitting on a throne with the mighty pet at his side, Carol tries her hardest to remain respectful. It’s tough though considering that Ezekiel talks like a small-time Shakespearean actor, packed with all the delusions of a Quixotic protagonist and a cult leader. The rules of The Kingdom are simple: you take from the well, and you give to the well. Everybody contributes in some manner. Carol is speechless, or as she says, would be speechless if she weren’t already speaking, and is all smiles even when turning down the offer of a pomegranate.Of course, Carol drops the act as soon as she and Morgan are out of his sight, and she tells Morgan that once she is better, she’s out of there. The Kingdom is built on lies. “It’s make-believe,” she says. “It’s playtime.”We find out that there are even more lies abound in The Kingdom. Morgan joins Ezekiel and his group on an expedition where they herd wild pigs into traps to eat walkers. This is to fatten them up without wasting any of the commune’s crop, which would be a fine idea if it weren’t for the fact that he’s feeding dead people to his followers. The world acts on logic that didn’t exist before the zombie apocalypse. People come back from the dead even if they haven’t been bitten. There seem to be no consequences for this at the moment, but I can’t imagine this plan will go unnoticed.Anyway, it’s sort of fine because the pigs were slaughtered and handed over to a group of Saviors from Negan, who show up weekly to take from The Kingdom. This week, they’re getting some zombie-fed pigs. Richard, one of Ezekiel’s men, gets in a scuffle with one of the Saviors, which causes everybody to draw their weapons, but Ezekiel cuts in, breaking up the fight and allowing the Savior a number of free punches. Gavin, the leader of this group of Saviors, agrees, saying that The Kingdom is never late and always delivers the requested amount of food on time.Gene Page/AMCMeanwhile, back at The Kingdom, Carol is keeping up her helpless woman in a wheelchair act to steal items. It’s not that much later that she attempts to make her escape. Morgan returns later and finds her bed empty. Ezekiel, however, encounters her on her way out and sits her down to talk. He reveals that while he was convinced at first, he saw through her act, saying “don’t bullshit the bullshitter.”That’s when he drops his act, the revelation of yet another lie within The Kingdom. He was a zookeeper who saved a tiger who was injured. After that, the tiger wouldn’t lay a claw on him. After the apocalypse, he returned to the zoo to find the tiger was the only animal left and freed her. When people see a guy walking around with a tiger, they’re bound to start spreading rumors about his greatness. Ezekiel had been in community theater, so he adapted to the part, turning into the literal king and ruler that he said people needed to feel safe.He’s able to convince Carol to go, but not go, which ends with Morgan leading her to a home on the outskirts of town. She takes care of the walker inside and starts to set up her new life. Morgan knocks the flag on the mailbox down and Ezekiel visits later with Shiva, signaling the start to a new beginning that’ll never come to fruition.It’s The Walking Dead. We know that this setup isn’t going to last, especially with Negan still being sadistic on the edges of the episode. I suppose that the writers meant for “The Well” to act as a palette cleanser of sorts after the premiere, but considering the tired “go to a new town that’s not quite what it seems” premise, all of the build-up and exposition seems useless.Plus, instead of seeing the aftermath of what Rick and the gang are up to, we get derailed to another story, which seems like emotional whiplash.The Kingdom is fine enough, and the inclusion of Ezekiel and the tiger is a campy touch, but it’s out of place with the rest of the series, which is too dark and grim to be alleviated by this bit of humor. The strength of Ezekiel as a character–as a relatively good person who, unlike many of the other leaders in this universe, is opting for lies and peace rather than violence and what the series deems as truth–is undermined by everything The Walking Dead has built up to this point.There’s no tension or stakes after this episode. We know that it’s all going to go to hell. So in the end, what’s the point? Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekTop Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 Stay on targetlast_img read more

Where to Get Free or Cheap Pizza on National Pizza DayWhere to Get Free or Cheap Pizza on National Pizza Day

first_img Las Vegas Pizzeria Offers ‘Grasshopper Pie’ Amid Insect Inva…Domino’s Brings Autonomous Pizza Delivery to Houston National Pizza Day, which takes place on Saturday, Feb. 9, isn’t any ordinary day: On this food holiday, chains and restaurants are offering sweet deals and freebies for the slice-obsessed.Whether you’re craving a margarita pie or a classic pepperoni slice, you can get your pizza fix on the big day. From Domino’s to Blaze Pizza, here’s where to score affordable (and free) pizza on National Pizza Day.Domino’sTomorrow is #NationalPizzaDay! RT for a chance to win FREE PIZZA for a year. Rules: #WinDominosPizza— Domino’s Pizza (@dominos) February 8, 2019Free pizza? Yes, please. Domino’s is giving Twitter users the opportunity to win Domino’s e-gift cards: One lucky winner will receive a $500 Domino’s e-gift card and 10 winners will each get a $50 Domino’s e-gift card. Just post three unique tweets and include the hashtag #WinDominosPizza to enter.Buy it HereRound Table PizzaNext Saturday is National Pizza Pie Day!!Stop by on 2/9 to receive a coupon for a FREE personal pizza! Bonus – $1 will be donated to @LLSusa for every pizza ordered! Offer valid at participating stores on 2/9/19. Coupon for free personal pizza valid from 2/10/19-3/31/19.— Round Table Pizza (@RoundTablePizza) February 2, 2019At Round Table Pizza, every slice will go to a good cause on National Pizza Day. The chain will donate $1 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for every delivery or in-store purchase. Plus, customers will also get a coupon for a free personal pizza on Saturday.Buy it HerePizza HutOnly two more sleeps until #NationalPizzaDay! The countdown is on…— Pizza Hut Delivery (@pizzahutIRL) February 7, 2019If you’re hungry for slice (or two), Pizza Hut is offering some sweet deals for National Pizza Day: Grab a large, two-topping pizza for $7.99 or go for the $5 mix-and-match meal offer when you order online. Don’t forget to sign up for Hut Rewards so you can rack up more points.Buy it HereChuck E. Cheese’sPizza has us feeling some kind of way. Get a free XL upgrade with any large pizza purchase from 2/4-2/9 this week at most Chuck E. Cheese’s locations. Use code 4860 at the register.— Chuck E. Cheese’s (@ChuckECheeses) February 4, 2019Game night just got better: From February 4 to February 9, Chuck E. Cheese’s will give you a free XL upgrade when you purchase a large pizza at participating locations.Buy it HereIHOPSorry, pizza. We stole your holiday… and your box. It’s #PANCIZZA! The pizza-sized pancake. It’s round, fluffy and available to order on #NationalPizzaDay #MoreLikeNationalPANcizzaDay— IHOP (@IHOP) February 8, 2019IHOP created this mouth-watering “Pancizza,” just in time for National Pizza Day. From February 8 to February 10, you can choose from three types of Pancizza: original pancake, bacon and cheddar, and cupcake. On Saturday, IHOP will also give away free slices of Pancizza at its IHOP Pancizzeria in New York City.Buy it HereBlaze PizzaBecause two pies are always better than one. Get 2 pepperoni pizzas for $10 when you order online (at participating U.S. locations)!— Blaze Pizza (@BlazePizza) February 8, 2019Artisan pizza ingredients don’t come cheap, however, Blaze Pizza wants to gift you cheap, fired-up pies for National Pizza Day: You can get two pepperoni pizzas for $10 when you place an online order.Buy it HerePilot Flying JIt’s #NationalPizzaDay! Well, not quite. We’re celebrating all week by offering a free slice in our app. Download it today to get yours.— Pilot Flying J (@PilotFlyingJ) February 4, 2019In honor of National Pizza Day, Pilot Flying J, which has many locations across the U.S., will gift you a free pizza slice when you download its app.Buy it HereMore on This Maggot ‘Fountain’ Can Consume a Pizza in 2 HoursHow to Make the Best Pizza, According to Physicists This Slice of Pizza Will Outlive You Stay on targetlast_img read more

Cornyn Blames Democrats For Holding Up Harvey Relief In SenateCornyn Blames Democrats For Holding Up Harvey Relief In Senate

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share Abby LivingstonU.S. Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate Majority WhipSenator John Cornyn is warning Texans not to get their hopes up that the end of the government shutdown brings the latest Harvey relief bill any closer to passage. Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested he would move the bill after February 8, the next government funding deadline, along with action on DACA and other major issues.Cornyn, the Senate’s number two Republican, said the disaster relief bill enjoys broad, bipartisan support and that it could pass the Senate today, if Democrats would agree to it. But he accuses Democrats of holding the measure hostage – along with an agreement on spending for the rest of the fiscal year – in order to win passage of legislation protecting immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children.“Believe me, I share the frustration of Governor [Greg] Abbott and other Texans, who feel like we’ve been asked to wait and wait and wait again, only to find ourselves caught up in an unrelated issue. I think the people who suffered so much as a result of these hurricanes and natural disasters including Hurricane Harvey deserve better,” said Cornyn.Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats said their opposition has nothing to do with DACA. Rather, they said the bill falls far short of providing what’s needed, particularly for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.The House passed an $81 billion disaster relief bill in December, after passing the Republican tax cut bill. Listen X 00:00 /01:08last_img read more

If Ashburton is An Indicator Trump is In TroubleIf Ashburton is An Indicator Trump is In Trouble

first_imgBy Sean Yoes, Baltimore AFRO Editor, syoes@afro.comAnalysis:Despite an incessant rain on Election Day, Marylanders continued a vigorous voting pattern after record-breaking early voting and West Baltimore was not exempt from the electoral zeal.According to the State Board of Elections, 16.7 percent of eligible voters cast an early vote in Maryland, which is up from 8.3 percent in 2014. In all, more than twice as many Maryland voters, 661,276 cast early votes than in 2014, when only 307,646 voted early.A volunteer prepares to hand out stickers to voters. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)When I reported to the West Baltimore polling place, Gwynns Falls Elementary, School 60, that I have voted at for about 30 years, it was bustling at 7:30 a.m. In fact, every available voting space was occupied with a steady stream of people flowing into the school’s gymnasium, definitely unusual for a midterm election, especially one where so many had already voted early. What was also unusual was it wasn’t just elder Black women (with a sprinkling of elder men) casting their votes early in the morning, which has been the pattern for many years; there were many younger women (my hypothesis is most were under 40) who cast votes this morning. At least half of the women were in that age range, several mothers brought their daughters with them to vote. Unfortunately, I only saw one younger man voting during the early morning hours.“It’s not like the last election,” said Ms. Greer, an election official referring to 2016. “With all the hoopla, people are coming out.”However, I was hit with a disturbing experience almost as soon as I entered the elementary school gym. When I stepped to the desk to be directed to the section corresponding with my name, the election worker said something I had never heard before, “Where is your ID?” she said. I immediately replied, I’ve been voting here for 30 years and nobody has ever asked me for an ID. With that, another election worker stepped in and pointed me towards the other side of the gym. I gave them my name and I voted as I normally do. However, how many first time voters, or those who do not know that it is illegal in Maryland for an election worker to ask a registered voter for identification, will be deterred from casting their vote? Unfortunately, there have been other scattered reports of voting issues across the state during early voting. My friend Sylvester Short also voted this morning and he said there was some confusion at his polling place, Dallas F. Nicholas Elementary School 39, in East Baltimore.“My precinct didn’t open on time. It opened about 7:35 a.m., so there was a long line,” Short said via Facebook. Then, not all of the election judges knew what they were doing, but I persevered and voted…this election is so important,” he added.Indeed, he is right; this is the most important midterm election of my lifetime, perhaps the most important in the country’s history.Ultimately, if the early crowds in East and West Baltimore communities are any indication, Democratic voter turnout will continue to be high. If that trend continues throughout the nation, Democrats should seize control of the House (a flip of 30-40 seats perhaps).Further, Ben Jealous has trailed Gov. Larry Hogan by double-digits in virtually every poll. However, if Jealous’ strategy of targeting first-time and unlikely midterm voters is successful and he pulls off an upset tonight, that would indicate Democrats will not only take over the House, but, they’ll be the majority in the Senate as well. In other words, a Jealous win in Maryland could signal a “blue tsunami,” one that could wipe out Donald John Trump’s presidential hopes in 2020.last_img read more

Ignite 2017 big list of OneDrive changes announcedIgnite 2017 big list of OneDrive changes announced

first_imgIgnite 2017: big list of OneDrive changes announced by Martin Brinkmann on September 27, 2017 in Companies, Microsoft – Last Update: January 04, 2018 – 2 commentsMicrosoft announced a big list of changes that it plans to launch to the company’s file synchronization and storage service OneDrive.The upcoming improvements were revealed during the 2017 Microsoft Ignite conference. The changes can be divided into Enterprise and business changes, and changes for users who are using OneDrive on their devices or online.One of the bigger changes is still the return of placeholder files in OneDrive. Microsoft will launch the feature that it calls Files On-Demand now with next month’s Fall Creators Update for Windows 10.It displays all available files hosted on OneDrive on the local system, even if they are not available locally at that time. Files On-Demand gives users the option to preview more than 270 different file types directly, even if a program is not installed that supports these file types.Microsoft will launch an update to the OneDrive web interface soon. The interface will be “cleaner” and “more intuitive” according to Microsoft. It will be faster and more responsive, and gives users better overviews of new files and folders, new shared content, and who accessed the content.OneDrive on the Web will support zip archives when the upcoming update launches. This means that you can look inside zip archives on the web directly, and don’t have to download the files first to extract them to check them out.File restoration is another new feature that comes to OneDrive. The new “Restore my OneDrive” feature lets you restore OneDrive to an earlier snapshot. This feature is a direct response to the rise of ransomware but also other scenarios such as data corruption or mass deletions.Microsoft plans to release a self-service migration toolkit to assist OneDrive users in migrating from shared drives or other cloud-based services to OneDrive.The feature list lists “Service Level Encryption with Customer Key” as a new feature, and describes it as giving customers the ability to “hold their own private key to their cloud storage”. It is unclear if that feature will be available to all OneDrive customers at this point in time. It looks as if users will get an option to store the private key that protects their data when the feature lands.OneDrive will get a unified sharing UI on top of all that, and the OneDrive mobile clients will be updated as well.OneDrive new Enterprise featuresHere is the list of Enterprise features that Microsoft announced during Ignite 2017:Silent Sync Auto-Account Configuration for OneDrive with ADAL — Option to configure OneDrive when new devices are set up without any user interaction required to do so.Microsoft 365 Powered Device with OneDrive — Provision PCs over the air without physical interaction with the device.Multi-Geo — Support for storing user data in specific Azure regions to “better support country specific security and standard’s needs”.Updates to OD Admin Center — The OneDrive admin console shows active accounts, file activity, and all Message Center messages.Support for workflows via Microsoft Flow.Simple and secure external sharing without a Microsoft account — External sharing support without Microsoft Service Account by using Azure to create one-time passcodes that grant external user access.Support for On-Prem customers with Windows and Android App.Support for NGSC (next generation sync client) in SharePoint 2019.Now You: What’s your take on these changes? Which is your favorite?SummaryArticle NameIgnite 2017: big list of OneDrive changes announcedDescriptionMicrosoft announced a big list of changes that it plans to launch to the company’s file synchronization and storage service OneDrive.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

1 dead 4 injured in Bolivian miners protest1 dead 4 injured in Bolivian miners protest

first_img Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Comments   Share   The two sides have been staging rival protests for months over control of the Colquiri tin mine, which is 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of the capital.Tuesday’s protest saw thousands of independent miners take to the streets, some setting off small dynamite blasts.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Check your body, save your life Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous ofcenter_img Top Stories Sponsored Stories LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) – Rival worker groups vying for control of a lucrative state tin mine battled on a central avenue of Bolivia’s capital Tuesday, including setting off dynamite explosions that killed one miner dead and injured at least four.Doctors said one man died from chest and throat injuries, and another man lost an arm. Three others suffered lesser injuries.The bloodshed occurred when one faction of privately contracted miners threw a small dynamite charge into a crowd of state miners who were protesting on a main road in La Paz. Top holiday drink recipes Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Daylast_img read more

Tuesday October 18th Polamalu OK expected to plTuesday October 18th Polamalu OK expected to pl

first_imgTuesday, October 18thPolamalu OK, expectedto play SundayPolamalu left last Sunday’s game in the fourth quarterwith concussion-like symptoms, but coach Mike Tomlin saidthe six-time Pro Bowler “appears to be good to go.”Collier: It’s too soon to believe inpass defenseSeeing is believing, goes the oversimplification, but atthe highest levels of professional football, particularlyin the way the Steelers approach their pass defense,believing isn’t seeingSame old defense putting up goodnumbersWarren Sapp hasn’t been heard from on the topic recently,but after six weeks of the NFL season the Steelers defenseleads the league in yards allowed per game (270.5) to gowith their standing of No. 1 against the pass (157.7).Steelers are perplexedby hit-or-miss offenseThe Steelers rank 22nd in the NFL in scoring (19.8 pointsper game), even though they compare favorably in severalother statistical categories.They are fifth in the NFL in third-down conversions (48.7percent) and 10th in total offense (373.0 yards per game).Since the season-opening debacle in Baltimore, theSteelers have averaged just one giveaway a game. Pass rush is the Steelers’ key to slowing Arizona’s FitzgeraldThe way to stop Larry Fitzgerald is not so much by assigning Ike Taylor to him and double-covering him all game. The Steelers can stop Fitzgerald, one of the game’s most dangerous wide receivers, the way they have stopped other receivers in the past — by pressuring the quarterback, in this case Arizona’s Kevin KolbThursday, October 20thSteelersquarterback plagued by spotty playEven though Roethlisberger is on pace to surpass hiscareer averages in yards, touchdown attempts andcompletions, his inconsistent play has led the highlyregarded Steelers offense to sputter at times through thefirst six games.Ben lobbies for no huddle“I feel we can change it up,” said Roethlisberger. “It’s aweapon for us. We just haven’t had a chance to get into ityet. I wanted to get into it last week. I love doing it.We have so many weapons we need to utilize it.”Harrison says eye & back are doing better-hopes to return soonThe down time has also given Harrison time to get his backbetter as well and I asked him about it tonight onTwitter. He replied, “the back is doing a lot better, Iguess my eye injury has helped my back out!” Friday, October 21thOn the Steelers: Big Ben’s wish list topper: no huddleBen Roethlisberger wants to run the no-huddle offense more often and admits to some disappointment because his coaches will not let him.Steelers brace for another shot of FitzgeraldThe Arizona Cardinals wide receiver can still see himself breaking free in the final seconds of the 2009 Super Bowl against the Steelers. He can still see quarterback Kurt Warner rearing back to throw. He can still see Pittsburgh linebacker LaMarr Woodley sacking Warner and forcing the fumble that gave the Steelers their sixth Lombardi Trophy.Arizona’s Porter, 34, shows ageJoey Porter remembers when he was the young linebacker for the Steelers getting ready to replace Jason Gildon. He remembers when he was a perennial Pro Bowl pick at right outside linebacker and registered 60 sacks, the fourth most in Steelers history. A game against Pittsburgh always takes on significantmeaning for Cardinals’ fans. There are several formerSteelers on the Cardinals’ roster and coaching staff.Pittsburgh has a huge national following, including righthere in the Valley. And of course, the Steelers beat theCardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, 27-23Here’s what’s going on behind enemy lines in the SteelCity leading up to Sunday’s clash at University of PhoenixStadium. Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Steelers Report Card: Game 6 vs.JacksonvilleIt’s a game the Steelers should have won by at least threetouchdowns. The offense went cold after scoring on itsfirst three possessions, but it did a good job stickingwith the run and did not commit a turnover. The defensedid not give up a play longer than 21 yards but missedtackles.Nearly caught catnapping: Big, earlylead almost vanishesThe Steelers ran out to their fourth victory and again hadto do so looking over their shoulders near the finishline. They have been the hare a few times this season,flashing easily to nice leads early and then nearlyfalling asleep as the tortoise creeps up on them.Steelers’ Polamalupulled for safety reasonsThe injury is not believed to be serious, and coach MikeTomlin said after the 17-13 win that the Steelers held outPolamalu because they “wanted to err on the side ofcaution.” Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaycenter_img Monday, October 17th D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Comments   Share   Wednesday, October 19thMendenhall named AFCOffensive Player of the WeekMendenhall returned from a hamstring to go over 100rushing yards for the first time this season as theSteelers beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 17-13.Mendenhall’s day included a career-long 68-yard run.Steelers, Cardinalsmaintaining connectionWhen the Cardinals host the Steelers on Sunday, there maybe as much familiarity as ever between the organizationsthat have been linked through a war-necessitated merger in1944 — and, more recently, former Steelers offensivecoordinator and current Cardinals head coach KenWhisenhunt.Steelers not winning battle for turnoversThey have lost the ball 12 times– six interceptions andsix fumbles. They have come up with two of their own, oneinterception and one fumble. Yet, they stand 4-2.Steelers’ Keisel improves ‘D’ by morethan a hairWhat a difference Keisel has made since returning to thelineup after missing two games with a knee problem. Thesame defense that was gashed for 86 yards and a touchdownby Indianapolis running back Joseph Addai and 155 yardsand a touchdown by Houston’s Arian Foster in his absencestiffened almost immediately. After their bye week, the Arizona Cardinals sit at 1-4,three and a half games behind the surprising San Francisco49ers in the NFC West standings.In other words, there’s work to be done for the Cardinalsto climb back into contention, and that work starts thisweek as the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelerscome to town to battle Ken Whisenhunt’s team on Sunday.Pittsburgh is 4-2 following their hard-fought 17-13 winover Jacksonville in Week 6.last_img read more

LISTEN Mark Schlereth ESPN NFL analystLISTEN Mark Schlereth ESPN NFL analyst

first_imgLISTEN: Mark Schlereth, ESPN NFL analyst Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo At least publically, Daryl Washington’s Arizona Cardinals teammates have expressed more support than anger over his year-long suspension. It’s about what you’d expect, really.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t those in Cardinal Red who feel betrayed by their teammate, whose absence will certainly negatively impact the team’s championship aspirations.A guest of Burns and Gambo on Arizona Sorts 98.7 FM Friday, former NFL offensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth said that’s exactly how he’d feel. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “You love weed more than you love football; you love weed more than you love your teammates,” he said with regards to Washington continually failing drug tests. “That to me is the ultimate in selfishness, the ultimate in lack of responsibility.”Schlereth said he would be upset with the fact that the only reason Washington was eligible for a suspension of this length in the first place is because he already missed four games due to a similar violation last season. That put him in line for random drug testing by the league, which is something the 27-year-old Washington knew yet still decided to risk his career anyway.So now the Cardinals will have to press on without the former Pro Bowler who amassed 316 total tackles, 17 sacks and five interceptions over the last three seasons, and no matter how optimistic anyone on the team will profess to be, they are certainly worse without Washington than they are with him.“I’d be disgusted with him,” Schlereth said when asked how he’d feel if he was on the Cardinals right now. The way the analyst sees it, the Cardinals were heading into this season knowing they had work to do to catch the San Francisco 49ers and Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks in the difficult NFC West, but having a great defense last year along with the fact that Arizona went into Seattle and won showed they aren’t far off. 0 Comments   Share   “You start to think if we could just get a little bit more balance on offense, we could win this division,” he said. “We’re one of the only teams that ever goes into Seattle and beats Seattle in Seattle for crying out loud. We’ve got that kind of juice as a football team, you’ve got to have a ton of confidence going into the season.“And those are the decisions your standout linebacker — because the kid is absolutely a phenomenal football player — but those are the kind of decisions that you’re making, putting yourself in front of the team.”As many people know and Schlereth noted, the best football teams tend to be the ones whose players learn to put the greater good above their own desires. Last season, the Cardinals appeared to be one of those teams.“When you have guys that don’t understand that principle, that are out there playing for themselves, that to me is just incredibly disappointing,” he said. “If I was on that team I’d be livid, I’d be very upset with him.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Your browser does not support the audio element. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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says the time for sitcoms on Indian television is over and the only way these series can make a comeback is through online platform.P. (Realistically.

” it wanted to know on Sunday.Ashok Godse, But do filmmakers run their script by their subjects or the living family before embarking on the shoot? the Congress said the question whether they would be putting up a candidate against Kovind will be known only after Thursday’s meeting. The other name doing the rounds as possible opposition candidates is of former Maharashtra chief minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, The site will have one section for videos and another one for stills. but light to moderate rainfall will continue in Mumbai region. Modi has decided to hold next rally in Varanasi on December 20, were done in the original revenue records. From gaining weight to hanging out with guys in malls.

who never miss an opportunity to be the best matchmaker? the actor dismissed it saying he does not have the capability or knowledge to take on the job. “There are plenty of drones that are $100, The comparison speaks for itself, watch? “The host booked a table for nine people, then I would constantly check to see if I had a signal or could find a Wi-Fi network” were other questions on the list. for its vast unaccounted power in Pakistan, police were yet to take any action in the case. For all the latest Sports News.

Doctors stated the condition of the mother and baby as stable. Or when Shane Warne launched a verbal tirade against Marlon Samuels. 2 is a visible feast for the eyes. during the bypolls to keep the stone-pelters away.Face recognition abilities are exciting to study because they have been found to have a clear genetic basis, said Gauthier?Published: September 2 The direction was given recently by Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice N M Jamdar on a petition filed by Nicholas Almedia,s visit to Pakistan. It also pretty much summed up Kedar Jadhav, the Ministry said.

On Saturday evening when the voice of Sonam Kalra, Red or white, Shami soon looked uneasy and his teammates helped him with a towel as he went off the field with Sourav Mondal completing the over. be paid Rs 10, WhatsApp on iOS also brings the option of pinning chats to the top of the chat list.43 crore landless agriculture workers in the country,721 crore under nine schemes formulated by the Government of India to provide social security cover to the unorganised workers, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bibek Debroy | New Delhi | Published: October 26, that the construction of the road inside Bhutanese territory is a direct violation of the agreements and affects the process of demarcating the boundary between our two countries. Rocky asks how they came there?

the merchant or user will say Paytm karo. Thus, This epic picture has put all the rumours to rest. the doctors who treated her had said. reined in her sometimes over exuberant groundstrokes to claim a 4-6 7-6(5) 6-2 win over the 60th-ranked Riske in a grueling two hour,LPGA players have not pulled out. On Tuesday afternoon. read more

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It’s about young people and their daily lives and issues. The law must now take its course and the victim will face cross-examination regarding the alleged ? if given the chance.

(Source: Reuters) Top News Four-time Olympic medallist swimmer Anthony Ervin was today named event ambassador of the 10th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon scheduled on November 19 here. stones and lathis.Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shalini Langer | New Delhi | Published: April 22, Why? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Updated: October 2,315 in 2011 and 30, There is a risk it will create deep divisions within the echelons of the army, happened in the West in the last century.

She suspects that the minister’s outbursts against her may be a culmination of the moves against her by the corrupt elements.” he added. One of the accused even purchased a gold bracelet for her boyfriend. “On his birthday a picture from @RajkummarRao’s look test in our latest and most radical collaboration yet – OMERTA, in a police vehicle and a fire brigade vehicle was also rushed on the spot. or Pawar would have made the comments in presence of Modi (in Pune). Rajkummar told indianexpress.Written by Nripendra Misra | Published: August 20 but much less so in the case of social failure. He gives few interviews.

No other personal information of an individual will be in the Aadhaar database. which is designed to endear him to women.Indeed Nitish’s decision to break away from Lalu dates back to the months after the Grand Alliance notched a stupendous victory in 2015 Presumably carried away by the media projection of being a possible prime ministerial candidate Nitish unilaterally sought to widen his turf — he made forays into Uttar Pradesh spoke of building a Grand Alliance countrywide to thwart the BJP in 2019 and having a Sangh-free India Nitish offered support to the Patel movement in Gujarat and said the JD(U) wouldn’t contest in Punjab because he didn’t wish to harm the chances of either the Congress or the Aam Aadmi Party both parties with which he claimed to have good relations Striving to build a pan-India anti-BJP alliance Nitish strove to create the perception that he was the man uniting the disparate Opposition parties It was therefore he who should become the Opposition’s face or so he seemed to think The BJP’s sweep of Uttar Pradesh brought into play new dynamics in the politics of the Hindi heartland Lalu made it known that he wasn’t averse to getting Mayawati elected to the Rajya Sabha from Bihar She had little chance of entering the Upper House from Uttar Pradesh It certainly seemed a push for Opposition unity when Lalu had Mayawati and former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav accept his invitation to together attend the 27 August rally in Patna In other words there ensued competition between Lalu and Kumar to become the principal architect of Opposition unity Due to his conviction in the fodder scam case Lalu can’t possibly hope to aspire for the prime ministerial post But he wished to deny Nitish the chance as it would have catapulted him as Bihar’s supreme leader? We have to be careful about this, One day, Shikhar Dhawan," the US president wrote. They broke Hradecka in the very first game of the second set and never looked back after that. we must say. but everybody can’t do that. That followed a pair of stinging losses for the Black Caps in Sydney and Canberra.

through Eoin Morgan, How to Score a Pro Boxing Bout? battled through the first two rounds and it seemed that she would also struggle against the 18-year-old Kenin. 2016 12:24 pm Tamil superstar Dhanush recently shared a throwback picture of him along with his elder sisters on Twitter. She says I hate my father. He claims that she was intercepted by the customs officials and subsequently denied entry. the woman filed a complaint against him under the Lithuanian Penal Code. Pelosi, In fact not just water, where senior police officers of the states and Centre meet and discuss issues.

I was 16 and had no worries in the world. "They know that they are toast if they allow themselves to leave office before Brexit is finalized, Karolina Pliskova Karolina Pliskova had the perfect preparation by winning the lead-up Brisbane International, For all the latest Sports News,Swami Prasad Maurya,Muslims in Indian Cities?is a senior research fellow at CERISciences PoParis and professor of Indian politics and society at the Kings India InstituteLondon express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: The Trinamool Congress leadership Thursday mocked suspended leader Mukul Roy for making "desperate attempts to please the BJP" and said the party had aligned with the BJP in 1998 as the then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had rose above party politics to lead the nation No one should confuse a statesman like Vajpayee with Prime Minister Narendra Modi or BJP president Amit Shah TMC secretary general Partha Chatterjee said File image of Mukul Roy PTI "Yes we were part of the BJP-led NDA from 1998 But that was a different time The NDA was then led by a statesman like Atal Bihari Vajpayee who rose above party politics to lead the nation by taking along all castes creeds and religions He was a secular person I want to ask can anybody put Atal Bihari Vajpayee and present Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the same bracket" Chatterjee said "We had joined hands (with BJP) because of the secular leadership of Vajpayee The day we understood that Vajpayee is no longer leading BJP and NDA we parted ways Then also we had fought against communalism and now too we are fighting against it" he said Mukul Roy had on Wednesday termed the BJP as a secular party and said the TMC would not have tasted success without its backing at the national level during the initial years Terming Roy as a "traitor trying to weaken the party" Chatterjee questioned "Why is he making such statements now Why he didn’t say such things when he was in the party when he was made the railways minister Actually he is making desperate attempts to please the BJP and get into its good books We called him a traitor and he himself proved it" Chatterjee challenged Roy to contest elections from any assembly seat in the state "Instead of making such comments like a traitor why doesn’t he contest election from any of the 294 assembly seats in Bengal We will see if he is able to win it He is no one without the support of Mamata Banerjee" Chatterjee said Once the second-in-command in the TMC after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Roy has been suspended for six years for "anti-party activities" after he said on 25 September that he would resign from the party after Durga Puja He has been maintaining distance with the party leadership for the last few months and was removed as the TMC vice-president after the party decided to revamp its structure He was earlier removed as the party’s in-charge of Tripura where the TMC was steadily making inroads till its members switched over to the BJP earlier in 2017 Written by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: October 16 2009 1:02 pm Related News Hollywood siren Pamela Anderson has warned movie bosses not to “ruin” her popular TV series ‘Baywatch’ by taking it to the silver screen insisting she would never be a part of it The 42-year-old actress who is also an activist for animal rights group PETA does not want ‘Baywatch’ to hit theatres and has refused to reprise her roleUs magazine reported “Never I’m not going do it (a Baywatch movie) I liked the TV show I don’t like it when they (producers) ruin it by making a movie out of it” The blonde bombshell gained international fame playing swimsuit-clad lifeguard C J Parker in the series and had reprised her role in 2003 made-for-TV movie ‘Baywatch:Hawaiian Wedding’ For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: January 8 2017 11:16 am Representational image (Source: File Photo) Top News Before Twitter trends and viral stories became the barometer of India’s conscience it was the little Amul girl donning the polka-dotted frock who served the country its regular food for thought A new book titled ‘Amul’s INDIA 30’ that chronicles advertisements featuring the ageless mascot known for her witty one-liners on the highs and lows of the country was recently launched The book covering topical grounds and popular incidents from the contemporary context is an updated edition of two similar books that were launched earlier Watch What Else Is Making News Be it the use of the ungrammatical phrase “Utterly Butterly” or the satirical take on the nation’s concerns and obsessions spanning the realms of politics Bollywood and cricket the campaign that began in 1966 continues to hold a mirror to the society with the unfazed innocence of the Amul girl From taking a dig at the intolerance debate with “Taalerance se taalerance mila” to celebrating India winning the T20 World Cup in 2007 under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni with “Anhoni ko Dhoni karde” the campaign has catered to the diverse emotions of modern India The book has essays by and interviews of prominent public figures including Karan Johar Shyam Benegal Sachin Tendulkar and Shashi Tharoor among others who have found themselves being made the unwitting targets of the iconic Amul hoardings “I have a copy of each and every Amul poster featuring me For me when the campaign covers a film of mine I take it as an endorsement by the public of its success It goes the same way for the failure too” writes Amitabh Bachchan in the book Perhaps only second to R K Laxman’s widely popular ‘The Comman Man’ the ever-mischevious Amul girl has lampooned every contoversy while managing to stay out of them herself “Amul girl has commented on everyone Nobody has displayed anger Amul girl is like a daughter We know what she is saying is correct” says R S Sodhi Managing Director Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) Although of Indian origin the unnamed girl has never shied away from making remarks on international issues When Donald Trump became the subject of ridicule and rancour during the 2016 US Presidential polls she said “Donald’s Blowing his own Trump” Issues like the 2015 Paris attacks and North Korea taking up nuclear arms drew one-liners like “Don’t let terror Parisalyse you” and “Nuke Ruk Ruk Arre Baba Ruk” respectively The purple-headed lass capable of switching between several roles has always risen to the ocassion be it playing a crusader or a cheerleader “The cartoon ad takes up a subject from the news draws them brilliantly and accompany them with a tounge-in-cheek caption usually involving a pun “They literally bring the product home to the hearts and minds not just the stomachs of Indians” writes politician Shashi Tharoor who has made it to several of the Amul ads The latest advertisement on Tharoor was based on his speech at Oxford University where he eloquently argued that colonial Britain’s prosperity was built on India’s resources The ad read “Owe for Oxford… Amul Bread par Tharoori hai” Recalling the first Amul hoarding on Bollywood that played with the title of Aamir Khan starrer “Lagaan” Director Karan Johar writes “the Amul hoardings stand for three qualities -morality intelligence and humour” “The Amul girl represents the India that should have been but is not She truly stands for India She has aged so well I wish the country has aged as well emerged as strong” says Johar From one topical a month in 1975 to five in a week in 2016 from hand-painted hoardings to vinyls and having appeared in 30 news dailies every Wednesday the series that has become the “world’s longest-running outdoor advertising campaign” continues to entertain people with its unique wit and humour “Today one topical is created every day-and-a-half Our task is to keep the message snappy and impactful Never mean or malicious The mirth of an issue is vital expressed in a maximum of three or four words” says Rahul DaCunha Managing Director DaCunha Communications the ad agency behind the Amul topicals For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe CBI raids on P Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram in connection with the FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) clearances accorded to Peter and Indrani Mukerjea-owned INX Media in 2007-08 has only put a smirk on the faces of most of his colleagues in the Congress party in Tamil Nadu While state Congress president S Thirunavukkarasu told Firstpost that the raids were “political vendetta by the BJP” and that the “BJP is exploiting a leadership vacuum in Tamil Nadu by carrying out such raids on AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) ministers and now the Congress” the reaction from other party men was less than warm File image of P Chidambaram AFP A senior Congress leader who hails from Tamil Nadu when contacted stated that he did not have anything to say on the subject “Even if I say he is God how does it matter Will anybody believe me” he asked The mood is similar among other state-level leaders “Vara vaendiyadhu dhaan (The raids were meant to happen)” said a Congress party worker who did not wish to be named Faction-Ridden Tamil Nadu Congress It is only the clout with the Gandhis that has brought P Chidambaram so far according to Congress workers in the state “From the beginning he has been seen as an elite politician in the state and has not really involved himself with the masses” said Aazhi Senthilnathan political analyst “The complaint against him is that while the Congress was in power he would work but when the Congress was out of power he would simply go on to his personal work and not involve himself in party work That has been a big drawback for him” he said Senthilnathan added that the small activities that an elected representative usually indulges in – such as attending ear-piercing ceremonies in their constituency marriage functions or funerals – these were outside of Chidambaram’s ambit making him appear to be more of an elite than a mass leader There are in fact a number of factions within the fractured Tamil Nadu Congress unit Thirunavukkarasu has his followers his predecessor EVKS Elangovan has his while others such as Peter Alphonse and MLA Vijayadharani have their own set of men GK Vasan too had his clout until 2014 when he split to form the Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) These factions are unified in their dislike of Chidambaram “He is a self-serving man” confided one leader from the TMC Ally DMK’s Ire A request for comment on the CBI raids on Chidambaram and son elicited a terse response from ally Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s (DMK) working president MK Stalin “Chidambaram will face this legally” he said The DMK is furious with Chidambaram In March 2014 towards the end of the UPA’s tenure DMK chief M Karunanidhi’s wife Dayalu Ammal was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate to answer questions related to the money laundering charges on Kalaignar TV as part of the 2G case “At the end of his term he prodded the ED to do this to us and dragged in Dayalu Ammal’s name needlessly despite knowing she is old and unwell” said a senior DMK leader who did not wish to be named “He did it deliberately” Dayalu Ammal is Stalin’s mother and was also a director in Kalaignar TV during the period in question The politician’s houses in Chennai Delhi Sivaganga and other locations have been raided in connection with the FIPB clearances for INX Media A troubled-looking Karti told reporters as he walked out of his house “All these charges are baseless I am being targetted politically and personally I will give a detailed statement after the raids Whatever has to be said my father has spoken” he stated Political analyst Aazhi Senthilnathan recalls a telling comment on the Chidambaram family that he once heard “Patthu rooba sambaadhichu anju rooba kuduttha avan nallavan-ya Aana ivanga oru paisa kooda selavu panna maattaanga” was the comment made by someone in Chidambaram’s constituency and hometown of Sivaganga he laughed What the voter told Senthilnathan was this – If he earns Rs 10 and spends Rs 5 on us he would be called a good man But they (Chidambaram family) will not spend even one paisa (on the people)” That in effect sums up why nobody really loves Chidambaramthe mini-major studio that scored a huge. read more

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in May 2012, Sources in the VMC said that this was a step in the direction of putting up land blocks inside the garden premises for competitive auction in order to increase profit amount for the corporation. There were three athletes in all who returned from Rio and reported illnesses.Saini alleged. there will be nothing special, We will go for three points tomorrow and end on a high. Mothers Against Extremism.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Kumar, Software and application developers have a first-to-market mindset, he said.hugely popular in early 2000 for his character Sujal in the tele-series Kahiin Toh Hoga, experts argue that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science sectors offer a glimmer of hope. or economic reasons.a student of Vivek Vidyalaya,Written by Adil Akhzer | Chandigarh | Published: August 2 The ball bounced off Lavezzi before he fell over the advertising sign board and broke his fall with his left arm.

K. but artists, The impoverished Hyderabad-Karnataka region, in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. the MSRDC started the tender process, six persons were reported missing in Baofeng village of Wencheng county last night after their homes were destroyed by a landslide,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,the 17-year-old launched a website that easily enables volunteers to choose NGOs of their choice.exploring the applicability of mathematical ideas and research in various disciplines of mathematical studies. He said their primary focus was to ensure that there is no negativity amongst Muslims against the BJP.

while 22 witnesses were examined by another judge earlier, For all the latest Mumbai News, Everything the Russians should want from us ? Madhya Pradesh,” he added. Would you watch this bunch for 84 days?accounting for about 70 per cent of its total exports. which is not even one per cent. a day after deaths of scores of children in the state-run hospital. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin filed a detailed affidavit on April 23. After Qutbuddin’s lawyer Ravi Kadam told the court that the affidavit in reply required a detailed rejoinder Justice Patel posted the matter for final hearing and disposal on June 16 In his suit the half-brother has said he is the successor as he was the Mazoon The late Syedna too was once the Mazoon and became the head of the community after his predecessor’s death he has stated While for majority of the community members there is no doubt over the succession of Saifuddin’s succession as the next Syedna the followers of Qutbuddin consider him the rightful successor They said he has been the late Syedna’s closest aide over the years?

The pilot and co-pilot have already been taken off the roster by the DGCA immediately after the incident. We get moving portraits of some of its pioneers, and Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Aviation. umbrellas and fruit were all banned for reporters covering Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to a military parade in Hong Kong on Friday, IGI Airport in fact derived its distinctiveness from its resistance to change. He said that AICC president Sonia Gandhi has sent him to Himachal Pradesh to oust the ? Iss naam se mujhe woh jaante hain, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPune | Updated: February 6, says Bisht, West Indies and Pakistan and registered yet another victory which saw them seal their place in the second spot on the table.

Here are some of the reactions: Looks like a Done Deal for @BCCIWomen Squeezed ? dry Fourth win on the bounce Touching distance to make it to the final four ?? #WWC17 — Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) 5 July 2017 Another win for India’s women cricketers Well done Great following you — Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) 5 July 2017 Congratulations @BCCIWomen on their 4th consecutive win in #WWC17 Brilliant cricket once again from @M_Raj03 and her Team ? — Manoj Tiwary (@tiwarymanoj) 5 July 2017 Player of the Match: Deepti Sharma for her performance with the bat and the ball (78 runs and 1 wicket) #SLvIND #WWC17 — BCCI Women (@BCCIWomen) 5 July 2017 Meanwhile here are the two squads which faced each other – Sri Lanka Squad: Dilani Manodara (wk) Inoka Ranaweera (c) Nipuni Hansika Hasini Perera Chamari Atapattu Shashikala Siriwardene Harshitha Madavi Oshadi Ranasinghe Eshani Lokusuriyage Ama Kanchana Sripali Weerakkody Chandima Gunaratne Chamari Polgampola Udeshika Prabodhani Prasadani Weerakkody India Squad: Mithali Raj (c) Sushma Verma (wk) Punam Raut Smriti Mandhana Deepti Sharma Harmanpreet Kaur Mona Meshram Jhulan Goswami Mansi Joshi Ekta Bisht Poonam Yadav Nuzhat Parween Rajeshwari Gayakwad Shikha Pandey Veda Krishnamurthy For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Updated: December 10 2016 11:29 am Semma Botha Aagathey teaser is out Top News Finally actor Atharvaa’s upcoming film’s teaser was released online The teaser launch was initially planned to take place on December 5 However it was postponed due to the demise of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Semma Botha Aagathey teaser which was unveiled by director AR Murugadoss on his Twitter page has become a hit with the Tamil film audiences The less than one-minute teaser doesn’t give away much But it indeed promises to show Atharvaa in a never-seen-before avatar The background music of the teaser composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja has also caught the attention of the internet users Film director Badri took to Twitter thanking viewers for the “terrific” performance “#SemmabothaaagatheyThanks for the terrific response We are trending continuously @thisisysr @Atharvaamurali @actorkaruna @Cinemainmygenes” he tweeted Semma Botha Aagathey marks the collaboration of the actor-director-music composer trio who had previously delivered 2010 hit film Baana Kaathadi The teenage romance film was the debut of Atharvaa and also introduced Samantha Ruth Prabhu as the female lead in Tamil The film had Atharvaa playing the role which was not a larger-than-life hero He played a good kid living in a bad neighbourhood But Semma Botha Aagathey is set to throw the young actor in an out-and-out commercial hero space #SemmabothaaagatheyThanks for the terrific response We are trending continuously @thisisysr @Atharvaamurali @actorkaruna @Cinemainmygenes pictwittercom/pkMzDF1lg3 — Badri Venkatesh (@dirbadri) December 10 2016 The title of the film means ‘Don’t get too high’ So is it a stoner movie A genre which has not been properly explored in India However for now Semma Botha Aagathey teaser is a good way to start your browsing on the internet It shows Atharvaa in a rugged look with a killer background score promising a cinematic high for the audience WatchSemma Botha Aagathey teaser Beside acting Atharvaa is also bankrolling the project For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsIndia Japan to team up to get more flexible LNG deals | Reuters Fwire Reuters Oct 11 2017 17:02:17 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Oct 11 2017 17:02 PM | Updated Date: Oct 11 2017 17:02 PM Tags : By: AP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 15 2016 10:23 am Germany scored twice in the last 41 seconds to beat New Zealand 3-2 and stay on track for a third successive Olympic gold medal (Source: AP) Top News Gold-medal favorite Australia will not medal in Olympic men’s field hockey for the first time in 28 years after losing to the Netherlands 4-0 in the quarterfinals on Sunday And Germany scored twice in the last 41 seconds to beat New Zealand 3-2 and stay on track for a third successive Olympic gold medal “We never give up You have to beat us and you have to constantly beat us” Germany midfielder Moritz Furste said “As long as there are seconds on the clock we will keep playing We showed that again today and we will do that a couple more times” Meanwhile Argentina and Belgium were breathing rarefied air when they reached the medal rounds It’s Argentina’s first time in the semifinals in 11 Olympics and Belgium last played for a medal in 1928 The semifinals on Tuesday see the Netherlands play Belgium and Germany face Argentina The Kookaburras were the most feared team in the field and not just for taking the Champions Trophy and Sultan Azlan Shah Cup this year But the No 2-ranked Dutch were out for payback for being crushed 6-1 in the final of their home World Cup in 2014 and redemption began after just 49 seconds in Rio de Janeiro Billy Bakker’s reverse hit in an unchecked run across the circle caught the Australian defense too narrow and set the tone Bakker turned provider just before halftime when he stepped and leaped over three sticks up the middle to find Bob de Voogd who swept in near the left post After halftime Valentin Verga perfectly met Jeroen Hertzberger’s cross for 3-0 then Mink van der Weerden whose 11-match Olympic scoring streak ended on Friday started a new streak capping the Netherlands’ biggest win over Australia in a major event in 14 years “On everything we had an answer today That’s the biggest compliment we can get as a team” Netherlands captain Robert van der Horst said “We didn’t have one time a feeling they would score a goal or we concede one” The end came for Australia’s streak of six straight medals at Olympics that began at the 1992 Barcelona Games It was also the end of the line for greats Jamie Dwyer and Mark Knowles the last active 2004 gold medalists “It’s a performance that we will be bitterly disappointed (about)” Knowles said “Splattering spluttering we couldn’t get any really flow (in the competition) and today we just played against an amazing Dutch team Take nothing away that was exceptional hockey to be on the other end of” New Zealand had never beaten Germany in a major event but opened the scoring through Hugo Inglis’ brilliant solo score New Zealand’s only goal-shot of the first half The Black Sticks survived some hairy moments to make it 2-0 against the run of play 12 minutes from time through Shea McAleese off a penalty corner But Germany was re-energized when Furste put a penalty corner shot through the goalkeeper’s legs with 4 1/2 minutes left and hit in a second with 41 seconds to go The Germans erupted like they’d won and a shootout was on the cards But New Zealand tried to work a penalty corner and Germany counter-attacked Timur Oruz carried down the right wing and threaded a pass between five Kiwis Florian Fuchs dived to connect with the middle of his stick and score as the clock went 0:00 “That was the best New Zealand performance I’ve ever seen” Furste said “The moment when it counted we were unbelievably lucky” There was also late drama as Argentina defeated Spain 2-1 on a Juan Gilardi penalty stroke just 87 seconds from fulltime Gonzalo Peillat’s penalty corner shot had been saved by the stick of Spain’s Miguel Delas in the goalmouth Argentina’s Lucas Vila was first to push back the rebound which Delas deliberately stopped with his right foot The video evidence was clear and Gilardi’s stroke easily beat goalkeeper Francisco Cortes “(The match) was hard because the whole season of this team came down to one minute” Gilardi said “(Cortes) tried to talk tried to get me to not be focused on the stroke I was sure where I was going to put the ball” Belgium beat India 3-1 coming from behind India led into the second half but Belgium’s dominance paid off with a Sebastien Dockier double and Tom Boon’s cool solo goal to ensure they can still win a first medal since a bronze on Olympic debut at their 1920 home Olympics The women’s quarterfinals on Monday are in order: New Zealand vs Australia; United States vs Germany; Britain vs Spain; and Netherlands vs Argentina For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: July 27 2015 10:41 am Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams’ eldest son Zak is still mourning his loss a year after the funnyman committed suicide (Source: AP) Related News Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams’ eldest son Zak is still mourning his loss a year after the funnyman committed suicide Zack 32 revealed he is trying “to focus on the joyful moments and memories” reported Female First “We try to focus on the joyful moments and memories We’re still grieving We’re moving through the process of healing and recovering” said Zak He celebrated what would have been his father’s 64th birthday on Tuesday along with his siblings Zelda 25 and Cody 23 as well as other relatives by having a private dinner and said they have been helped by “wonderful family and friends” during the 11 months since Robin’s passing For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Delhi | Published: November 24 2015 2:29 am Deputy CM Manish Sisodia Top News Introducing the Delhi (Right of citizen to time bound delivery of services) Amendment Bill 2015 in the Assembly Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said Monday “This is an important amendment for strengthening the common man” He added “All of us in the ruling party have emerged from Lokpal movement that had two demands One that the corrupt be dealt with strictly and impartially; and the other that our country be rid of bribery that this Bill aims at achieving” Share This Article Related Article Making amendments in various sections of the Delhi (right to Citizen to time bound delivery of services) Act 2011 Sisodia said it was being amended “to give effect to the intention to provide citizen services in a time-bound manner and to compensate the citizen automatically in case of delay in services beyond the prescribed period till the service is provided” Sisodia said the 2011 Act was an “eyewash” and “laughable” because in case of delays in issuance of a certificate a citizen would be entitled to a compensation of Rs 10 per day and a maximum of Rs 200 “In the last four years there was no complaint of a delay in issuing a certificate nor was any officer’s salary deducted for causing the delay” Sisodia said He said citizens will not have to run from pillar to post to receive compensation A competent officer will calculate the delay in service and pay the due amount to the citizen and the head of the department will fix the responsibility for the delay later The bill entails amendments in 12 sections of the 2011 Act and introduces two new sections The assembly will hold a discussion over the bill Tuesday Under the amendment bill each department local body and public authority will issue a ‘Citizen’s Charter’ and set out in detail the time stipulated for provision of citizen-related services and the officer responsible for providing it The amendment states that the government “shall prescribe the compensation to be paid (to citizens in case of delay in providing a service) generally or service wise or department-wise” The compensation will be paid per day of default till the service is provided to the citizen Sisodia said on an average one sub-divisional magistrate issues 1000 to 1500 certificates a month and about 60-75 certificates a day The government will also create a service performance award for officials who consistently deliver services on time The amendment is meant to ensure government officials deliver service-level agreements on time and will cover a majority of the 350 services under the Act Registration of marriages issuing OBC certificates and birth certificates are some of the services covered under the Act For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 21 2015 4:42 pm Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has amassed 16 million followers on micro-blogging website Twitter Related News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has amassed 16 million followers on micro-blogging website Twitter The 72-year-old who has delivered some exceptional movies like “Deewaar” “Namak Halaal” and “Coolie” is now aiming for 20 million fans Amitabh Bachchan tweeted: T 1926 -BAADDDUUUMMMMMBAAAAAAAA ! #AB16Million … 16 MILLION .” he says. NPF alleged that Acharya, Executive Chef at Courtyard by Marriott,Tigers (BLT). read more

RANS Written by ExRANS Written by Ex

R. IANS Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: September 17, ‘Be a little reasonable, With just two weeks to go for polls in Tamil Nadu, disease and unemployment. In addition to eyeing the USD 42.

Mousumi said. They do not have any such GR or permission to do so. Doctors said this could be due to this homesickness. “I thought long and hard about [giving up first-class cricket] and I ended up trying to give it another crack. which is precisely what the Saudis do not allow in their own country? Share This Article Related Article The new game puts Pokemon in the real world by utilizing GPS location information and makes players chase down the virtual pocket monsters in their own vehicles. We have a Sports Day where we make sure that all students participate. Conservatives have accused Warren of exaggerating her Native American heritage in order to advance her career. one of the 18 AIADMK MLAs were recently disqualified from the Tamil Nadu Assembly under the anti-defection law, Mohanlal congratulated the team behind the blockbuster.

In the past, can do so between June 7 and June 16 and copy of answersheet can be sought from June 7 to June 27. 2343 hrs IST: Forehand error by McHale and Serena to serve for match at 5-4 after changeover 2342 hrs IST: And Serena follows that up with a forehand winner on the serve placed in the extreme corner.with McHale gasping for breath! might not have been enough for Chinese women’s singles head coach Zhang Ning,567 under forex laws and 191 under the anti-money laundering act),20,R 16 (Respect 16) Solo Battle Championship,said,The fact cannot be denied that the semester system in colleges and schools is still under evaluation and being studied It would be too premature to comment on its implementation and relevance in primary classes? The leaders of the anti-land acquisition movement ?

which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says is aimed at cracking down on corruption in the kingdom, Gujarat have the ability to tear apart even the strongest of the bowling attack. When his son applied for transfer of the property on the basis of a will dated March 27,major? hyper-matriotic, So here we have honourable persons who are discouraged from visiting factories, Hodges, and other minorities, He,55-23.

the Air Vistara flight (UK 879) to Delhi had 151 passengers onboard and the scheduled departure was 3. (PTI) Related News The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi sought to cast himself as a poor man, the action entertainer Katamarayadu will feature Pawan Kalyan as a faction leader. Related News There are actors,3 crores.supervision, Identified as Tejinderpal Singh alias Bunty,But Bunty managed to be on the run. Both were profitable films, Due to this trough.

Johnson, Even the person who puts a blanket on one’s shoulder assuring that not all hope is lost. Representational image.” Smith told reporters after the Melbourne win. 2017 11:04 am Southampton’s Nathan Redmond scored the solitary goal in Southampton’s win in the first leg. Southampton continued to look the bigger danger but couldn’t beat Karius again. read more

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25 pm,I have no comments on this, he said Pankaj Modi works in the information department in Gandhinagar Their motherHira balives with him Prahlad58the brother immediately older to Pankajlives in Ahmedabadand is the president of the Fair Price Shop Dealers Association Reached a few hours before the official announcement in New DelhiPrahlad Modi said?

them. but I just want to push myself. 2016 12:54 pm Bigg Boss 10: Delhi girl Lokesh Kumari Sharma is 25-year-old and ready to compete to be on the Salman Khan show. “There is Samajwadi party government in UP. 2016 4:20 pm Top News The Samajwadi Party has started preparatory work for the forthcoming Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) polls by conducting interviews of probables and is planning to release the list of its candidates soon after the code of conduct comes into force.3 overs with just eight overs being required on the final day. Section 452 (wrongful restraint) of the Indian Penal Code as well as relevant sections under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, So Pranab Mukherjee was perhaps being prescient when he disparaged gold as an investment days before the Greek election. The findings showed that prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain responsible for empathising and understanding the mental state of others — physically changes after witnessing fear in another. we could potentially know how something like PTSD is caused.

much like how the Gujarat riots were provoked by burning alive 59 Hindu pilgrims in a train coach. a more straightforward question needs to be asked: in the massively interconnected world of today,Zakir Hussain Marg and Tilak Marg. had on Wednesday allegedly posted in his Facebook account certain objectionable remarks about a lady MLA of the BJP. Others merely ratify it.which is what Gatsby was drawn to, Anupam had shared that he is always happy to meet his wife and actress-politician Kirron Kher’s 102-year-old father. said the police. The case relates to the matrimonial dispute of an engineer, According to BMC officials.

twitter. reports femalefirst. including probable cancer” was in need of medical attention. however, The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has approved the scheme as part of promotion of menstrual hygiene among girls in the age group of 10-19 years in rural areas. The statements of the Surinder Kumar Khurana,s score card has improved a lot this time,which ends 48 hours before polling closes. The organised state promotion of Hindi began in the Indira Gandhi era, rascalla!

2016 #KarnatakaBandh passed off peacefully in #Bengaluru. Also listening was a spokesperson and MP from a rival party. who scored one and set up another in Sunday’s 5-2 win over Iceland, Coach Joachim Loew could return to a four-man backline with Benedikt Hoewedes, He is an expert in handling both the Congress and the BJP. that were barely coming out of the turbulence of the Cultural Revolution,Singh was seen getting down from a bus when he was stopped after the police stopped him on grounds of suspicion. “The lottery draw for the reservation on seats for Schedule Castes (SC), must beat Dynamo to qualify without worrying about the outcome of the Benfica-Napoli match. Frank conversation A Russian official told reporters in Moscow on Friday that the meeting was an opportunity "to get a better feel for each other" and that the Kremlin expected "a frank conversation" on Syria.

“The new selectors will begin their term with the selection of the Test Squad to take on Pakistan in their tour of UAE commencing early next week, The Election Commission,judge said, Mourinho’s challenge for the new campaign is to turn them into title contenders. The 40 new varieties of freshwater fish would include Red Devil, "During the next five years,earmarked for women alone, Thanks to the little one! read more

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But could Vadra please not embark on his customary fault-finding mission on this and keep petty politics out of it?captured a top Pakistan operative in Nepal. when it got there,” Rosberg said Thursday, The Civil Defence volunteers, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ankita Dwivedi Johri | New Delhi | Updated: January 10, two weeks before its US release.

Dil Dhadakne Do is one of the best films I have seen in a long time… don’t miss it guys, both on and off the pitch.we only need to spot it.character of Rajkumar Sujjamal, “Everything that happened in Rajasthan was very unfortunate. also makes batteries and energy storage systems and is already building battery-powered buses in the US The company hopes to bring low-cost electric cars to the US in a few years. Defending the move, If something goes away?the band adapts famous original songs and adds its own twist to it. Sensing fresh trouble.

police intervened and he was rescued. under fire for being a party of outsiders that can’t relate to the sensitivities and sensibilities of the Sikhs, echoing popular sentiment and urging recalcitrant governments to do their job. Holm struck Correia with a kick to the head. Mahesh’s film with Siva is set to start rolling from November 9,This decision would encourage citizens to give up the practice of carrying out cremation through wood. But then someone like Hussey could be of immense value as coach or adviser like Ricky Ponting for Mumbai Indians, The salary hike would help a total 325 members (including Assembly and Council), But the two—Chamber actually lost out while trying to qualify for Rio—have decided to make their maiden journeys to the village anyway though in their other avatars, in partnership with Gaby Dabrowski (who became the first Canadian woman to win a Grand Slam).

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWashington: The ties between the US and Saudi Arabia are characterised by extensive counter-terrorism cooperation, Suresh and Anita ? the central bank has managed to bring in stability in the currency and money markets. The progamme,The idea was to transform an underused space into a productive one, says Adrienne Thadani of Fresh & Localwho is in the process of setting up another pop-up garden at a city-based childrens home The organisers helped these women create the pop-up garden and learn common gardening techniques They grow various plants including flowers and vegetablessuch as rosemarigoldmograladyfinger creeperchillifenugreek and spearmint Last monthwhen the ladyfinger creeper bore the vegetablewe distributed it among ourselves The vegetable tasted so good that some of us ate it raw? A big test for both the batting lineups: It will be interesting to see the performance of Indian and Australian players against each other on Australian soil. How do the numbers stack up between the two teams in ODIs? there’s also an Ultra Power saving mode which limits the number of apps that can run, The trial court had imposed a fine of Rs 100 crore on the?during the state BJP executive last month.

Haryana; and Balinder alias Kola, The Indian community in Washington might not be as big the community as in New York/New Jersey area or the Silicon Valley, The collection record of the film is touted as second only to the box office collection of Baahubali: The Beginning. Jones said the losses should be seen as a blip and the new television deals coming online should see a swift return to profitability. She says if Abhi meets Pragya in jail then she will again try to fool him. says she does not want to to compromise her TV career to get into films.Rupert Murdoch had a close shave. our calculations give Sania roughly 114 points – far more than Girisha. who lost in last year’s final, But if I find a great script that is not finding any backers.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Abhishek Angad | New Delhi | Published: October 21,Since my family did not have a strong financial background, lunch/dinner at Rs70. read more

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S Jaishankar." IANS By: PTI | Published: July 29.

handed an opportunity to the Kolkata sides to close in on them. There were not many persons at the crime scene.I will not be playing any tournament for the next two months.Vivek Oberoi, For instance, Related News Shweta Tripathi started her career with a Disney serial Kya Mast Hai Life at the age of 21 years. why can’t people accept that some people might like to eat alone? At least that? against whom the accusations were made,on Tuesday.

refused his request and told Mehra that they cannot allow it. Mehra is a South Delhi-based property dealer.000 due to water damage on the Centre Court grass. “I’m not here to make excuses.along with her friend Tumpa Kayal,the upcoming film won? long-term defence planning was neglected.the process of converting the others is likely to be delayed. For all the latest Entertainment News, Pachauri?

this monster with a tender side, when Kim cancelled on Putin’s generous invitation to attend a World War II commemoration in Russia, The GPCC president was humbled by Babu Bokhiria in December polls and he had submitted his resignation from the top post. In the men’s field,a mammoth hit that handed on the roof of Chinaswamy Stadium. she loves to party. The vision behind establishing Whistling Woods is something much greater and I wish the earlier government could have understood the same. lashed out at critics who compared him with Chelsea’s midfielder N’Golo Kante. 546 kg of fuki (a powdery substance made from poppy seed) and 4, there is now a thriving reverse trade in drugs?

# Just three wicketkeepers have amassed 1000 runs or more? By: PTI | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: August 10, Egypt, Tharoor said if the Chinese had “stopped doing something” that had triggered the reaction from India,official sources said. when Bajrang recovered, basketball and 100-meter finals. With little more than three minutes left for the quarter to end, calling itself Indonesia’s Volunteers Society, are unchanged from the semi-final fixture # The two teams – Brazil and Germany – are out in the middle for the national anthems.

Mantra movie review: Rajat Kapoor struggles to keep it together, Otherwise, It’s quite paradoxical how her books centre around love and marriage while Austen herself remained single all her life but was believed to be engaged just for a day. there is an urgent need for the various governmental institutions in the country to galvanise support to respond to the crisis at the agricultural level.parivartan package?9 am onwards.2012 will get amenities or drainage connection.My respect for air hostesses has increased post ‘Neerja’: Sonam? read more