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first_img by The Associated Press, The Associated Press Posted Jan 13, 2018 10:27 am PDT Last Updated Jan 15, 2018 at 6:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Julia Louis-Dreyfus marks chemo end with ‘Beat It’ video FILE – In this Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017 file photo, Julia Louis-Dreyfus poses in the press room with her awards for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series and outstanding comedy series for “Veep” at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. On Friday, Jan. 12, 2018, Julia Louis-Dreyfus marked the end of chemotherapy by posting a video on Instagram of her grown sons lip-syncing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) center_img Julia Louis-Dreyfus has marked the end of chemo by posting an Instagram video of her grown sons lip-syncing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”The “Veep” star and “Seinfeld” alum” said of Charlie and Henry, her two kids with Brad Hall: “Ain’t they sweet?”Louis-Dreyfus announced in September she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She said she found out the day after winning an Emmy for “Veep.” She’s been sharing her journey and support from loved ones and fans on social media ever since.The video is titled: “Mom’s last chemo day!!! BEAT IT!!! Love, Henry and Charlie.” Louis-Dreyfus called her sons “My beauty boys.”The video posted Friday had been viewed more than 500,000 times as of Saturday afternoon.Louis-Dreyfus turned 57 Saturday.last_img read more

Rep Lucido hosting identity theft experts at November town hall meetings

first_img14Oct Rep. Lucido hosting identity theft experts at November town hall meetings Categories: Lucido News Lawmaker: We are focused on protecting Michigan familiesState Rep. Peter J. Lucido will host a series of town hall meetings on identity theft and the Internet in November.The presentations geared for families and seniors, will feature special guests including law enforcement and government officials specially trained on this very important issue.“Despite advancing technology, and sometimes because of it, identity theft is an ongoing threat that is here to stay,” said Rep. Lucido, R-Shelby Township. “Law enforcement, government, and consumers must all remain vigilant against predators that seek to use our personal information for their own gain. Until we can eliminate the risk of identity theft, we must do everything we can to mitigate the threat.”The town halls will take place at the following times and locations:Tuesday, Nov. 17Washington Township Hall57900 Van Dyke in Washington7-9 p.m.Wednesday, Nov. 18Shelby Township Hall52700 Van Dyke in Shelby Township7-9 p.m.“This is an event you do not want to miss,” said Rep. Lucido. “This is a very important issue that affects everyone and we want to make sure that your hard-earned money and property is kept out of hands of criminals.  There are many ways that your information can be compromised, but there are also many ways that you can help protect it and we will have experts on hand to help you do just that.”If you have any questions, please contact Rep. Lucido by phone at 517-373-0843, or by email at read more

Rep Noble invites residents to open office hour in Northville

first_img Categories: Noble News 06Jun Rep. Noble invites residents to open office hour in Northville State Rep. Jeff Noble of Plymouth will host an open office hour on Monday, June 19 from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Northville Library in Meeting Room B located at 212 W. Cady St. in Northville.“I always enjoy the opportunity to connect with people directly,” Rep. Noble said. “I encourage residents to attend. Listening to concerns of residents helps me better serve them.”No appointment is necessary. Those unable to attend may contact Rep. Noble at 517-373-3816 or via email at read more

Supreme Court Ruling Upholds Affirmative Action in University Admissions

first_imgShare5TweetShareEmail5 SharesJune 23, 2016; Washington Post and the New YorkerIn what was likely as much of a surprise to proponents as it was a disappointment to its opposition, the Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling on affirmative action yesterday. The majority opinion (with Elena Kagan having recused herself) on the 4-to-3 decision was written by Justice Anthony Kennedy—another surprise, because he had never before voted for a race-conscious plan. The opinion reaffirmed that the value of creating a diverse student body justifies a certain amount of intrusion on the equal protection provision of the Constitution.“A university is in large part defined by those ‘intangible qualities which are incapable of objective measurement but which make for greatness,’ ” Kennedy wrote. “Considerable deference is owed to a university in defining those intangible characteristics, like student body diversity, that are central to its identity and educational mission. But still, it remains an enduring challenge to our Nation’s education system to reconcile the pursuit of diversity with the constitutional promise of equal treatment and dignity.”In a dissenting opinion, Justice Samuel Alito charged that Kennedy had flipped in his views. However, as Jeffrey Toobin writes for the New Yorker, “The appropriate answer to this criticism is: So what? The Justices have often quoted a famous observation by Justice Felix Frankfurter: ‘Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.’”The case was based on a legal challenge to the University of Texas’s admissions policy from Abigail Fisher, a white applicant who was denied entry to the University of Texas at Austin. Justin Driver, a law professor at the University of Chicago, said the ruling “signals that affirmative action is safe not only at the University of Texas, but around the country.”Referring to UT Austin’s unusual admissions plan, which guarantees acceptance to the top students in each Texas high school, Driver said, “If even this program survives scrutiny, it is extraordinarily difficult to believe that the court will be prepared to strike down any university’s affirmative-action program anytime soon.”As to what exactly happened here, Toobin has this to say:Kennedy values his place as the swing Justice on the Court, and it’s possible to see in his opinion a recognition of which way the Court is heading. The Justices are divided in much the same way the country is: four Democratic appointees, and four Republican ones. President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death, but the Republicans in the Senate have refused even to hold hearings for him, let alone a vote. This defiance of congressional and constitutional norms is outrageous, and it’s also revealing. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, and his fellow-Republicans see a Presidential election slipping away from their party, and they have made the reasonable calculation that some Democrat—Obama or Hillary Clinton—will fill Scalia’s seat. So the Republicans are postponing a five-to-four Democratic majority on the Supreme Court for as long as they can. But that doesn’t make that majority any less inevitable.Kennedy must see this, too. The four Democratic appointees have consistently embraced the notion that all institutions are strengthened, not weakened, by diverse membership (as have, for the most part, the American people). That view will surely be in ascendance in any Democrat-dominated Supreme Court. Kennedy could fight that coming wave or try to stay ahead of it. He did the latter, which both honors him and ennobles the country.—Ruth McCambridgeShare5TweetShareEmail5 Shareslast_img read more

Dueling Boycotts Draw Kelloggs into Politics Breitbart vs Sleeping Giants

first_imgShare9TweetShare26Email35 SharesBy Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia CommonsFebruary 9, 2017; Washington PostKellogg’s just wants to be considered wholesome. So how likely was it that its brand would be dragged into a political coliseum for an attempted extended mauling?According to Kellogg’s, Breitbart’s attempt to organize a boycott against the company ended up having no discernible effect on its bottom line. As readers may remember,, the conservative news site formerly run by Steve Bannon, now one of Trump’s top aides, launched a campaign—complete with a boycott of the company— after Kellogg’s put the site on its list of places not to advertise. This fits with a newswire published on the NPQ website yesterday, suggesting in part that some boycotts may not have a real bottom-line effect but still often affect the brand image.At the time, Kellogg’s said its ads ended up on Breitbart through the use of automated ad space buying platforms. These programs allow companies to opt out of sites they believe would be a poor match for them. Generally, Kellogg’s works with media buying partners to ensure its ads don’t appear on sites that aren’t “aligned with [their] values,” but, in this case, the catch was not made in a timely way.Even though the company had no “intention of getting into a political discussion,” that was soon foisted upon them as not only ran ads encouraging a boycott but also ran story after story excoriating the company on their own. Among other things, Breitbart wrote that serving up Kellogg’s cereal was akin to serving hatred at your table—a strike against a reputed 45 million readers. Not exactly the brand image of your dreams.Kellogg’s was not the only company to opt out, of course; according to Sleeping Giants, which has been promoting more conscious ad buying, around 820 companies have chosen to withdraw their ads from potentially showing up on Even the Canadian Government has opted out, with an attendant statement. A spokesperson with Public Services and Procurement Canada, which oversees media buying for the federal government, told the Globe and Mail that the Canadian government found “the content of did not align with the Government’s Code of Value and Ethics.”“The Government of Canada does not support advertising on websites that are deemed to incite racial hatred, discrimination or the subversion of Canada’s democratic system of government,” the spokesperson continued.Now some of the buying platforms are taking it upon themselves not to offer the site as an option. One of these platforms, AppNexus, said in late November that it had blocked Breitbart from using its ad-serving tools because the site violated its hate speech policy. Shortly after that announcement, two other ad platforms, TubeMogul and RocketFuel, did the same, according to Wired.Still, this is also unlikely to have a significant effect on Breitbart’s bottom line unless other platforms also choose to exclude the site as an option from their buying packages. Alexander Marlow, an editor of Breitbart, told the Wall Street Journal that to date the site had felt “little to no impact” from the blacklisting.—Ruth McCambridgeShare9TweetShare26Email35 Shareslast_img read more

Human Rights Nonprofits Under Fire in Civil Society Crackdowns

first_imgShare7Tweet3Share8Email18 SharesPixabay. Public domain.June 13, 2017; Al Jazeera (1,2)As the U.S. retreats from global leadership, will the European Union become the world’s new watchdog? First, E.U. leaders continued to hammer Hungary over new legislation restricting foreign-funded NGOs. Then, human rights advocates cheered a ruling on Tuesday against Russia’s anti-gay laws by the E.U.’s top human rights court.With fresh developments in the worrying clamp down on civil society abroad, from Egypt to Russia, it was heartening to see the court rule in favor of three gay activists, as reported by the New York Times, especially after gay men were reportedly rounded up and tortured in Chechnya, a federal subject of Russia:The prohibition, codified in national law in 2013, has been seen as a central plank of President Vladimir V. Putin’s nationalist message, one that has positioned Russia as a defender of Christian and traditional values, and the West as decadent and godless.Ruling in favor of three gay activists, the European Court of Human Rights found that “the very purpose of the laws and the way they were formulated and applied” was “discriminatory and, over all, served no legitimate public interest.” It ordered Russia to pay the men a total of 43,000 euros, or $48,000, in damages.However, it’s doubtful the ruling will result in real change, according to the Times:Russia ratified the European Convention on Human Rights in 1998. The court, which is charged with interpreting the treaty, which took effect in 1953, has often castigated the country. The ruling is binding, but as with much else in international law, there is not a strong enforcement mechanism.Meanwhile, even after the E.U. warned Hungary over its “serious deterioration of rule of law and democracy” in a resolution last month, Hungary’s parliament approved new restrictions last week on foreign-funded NGOs, according to Al Jazeera:The legislation, drafted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government and pushed through by the ruling Fidesz on Tuesday, compels groups that get more than $26,200 a year from abroad to register with the authorities and declare themselves as foreign-funded, or risk closure for non-compliance.The government said the measures were aimed at improving transparency, as well as fighting money laundering and “terrorism” funding.The U.S. then entered the fray with what the Economist described as an “unusually strong statement” from the American embassy in Budapest comparing Hungary to Russia and China, while Hungary fired back that the U.S. State Department was being misled by George Soros-funded organizations.As NPQ has reported, it’s unlikely that the E.U.’s resolution will result in the suspension of Hungary’s voting rights in the European Council.An Amnesty International staff member in Hungary promised that the nonprofit will resist:On the face of it, the Law on the transparency of organizations funded from abroad carried by the Hungarian parliament today with a comfortable government majority might look fairly benign. The title of the law suggests it is aimed at increasing transparency, while authorities claim it is important in the fight against money laundering and international terrorism.But when examined more closely, this veneer of respectability quickly falls away. In effect, the law is a thinly disguised attempt to stigmatize non-governmental organizations that receive foreign funding and hamper their vital work.NPQ has reported on stricter regulations for “foreign-backed” NGOs in many countries over the past decade, including, most recently, Egypt. How will nonprofits in countries like Hungary resist—and stay resilient? There are quite a few cases to draw lessons from, according to a groundbreaking new study from Saskia Brechenmacher of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, called “Civil Society Under Assault.”Brechenmacher notes that “between 2014 and 2016, more than 60 countries restricted citizens’ freedom of assembly and civil society’s ability to access funding.”Funding restrictions have proven particularly stifling. In Russia and Egypt, many civil society groups have backed away from foreign funding in fear of stigmatization and judicial harassment… independent NGOs face a difficult domestic funding landscape, particularly if they want to continue working on policy and rights issues.In Ethiopia, hundreds of organization decided to abandon rights-based programming and shift their focus toward politically neutral capacity building and local service delivery in order to preserve their access to foreign support… Others have tried to raise money from domestic sources—often with limited success. Private sector donors in all three countries remain reluctant to fund civic activities that could attract the ire of state authorities.Similar to the American nonprofit landscape, Brechenmacher argues that “organizations that can draw on volunteers or complement their activities with income-generating work have generally proven most resilient.”Here are other ways these organizations cope:Faced with escalating restrictions, some traditional NGOs have begun moving toward alternative organizational structures. Groups are exploring new funding models that could generate greater community buy-in; some have transferred their advocacy activities to non-institutionalized initiatives while doubling down on legal defense and monitoring work. Others have relocated abroad or continue their activities virtually. Citizens form new volunteer initiatives to address service delivery gaps and community concerns, and—to the extent possible—use cultural activities and virtual platforms to organize around shared interests. The consequences are distressing despite the efforts of these organizations and pushback against restrictions from Western governments including the European Union. “The weakening of traditional civil society organizations leaves key gaps in the monitoring and reporting on government abuses, the representation of marginalized communities, the dissemination of alternative policy proposals, and the overall vibrancy of public debate,” Brechenmacher writes.—Anna BerryShare7Tweet3Share8Email18 Shareslast_img read more

Kudelski Group is restructuring to focus on the co

first_imgKudelski Group is restructuring to focus on the convergence of digital TV and online TV, and in response the economic crisis impacting several markets in which the company operates. The goal is to reduce annual costs by CHF90 million (€73 million).The changes will see Kudelski’s OpenTV teams and solutions, as well as those in the conditional access sector, being integrated into a single Digital TV unit. The company is also simplifying its senior management structure to enable it to better focus on digital TV and internet TV activities.From January 1st, 2012, the group executive management will consist of André Kudelski as CEO, Mauro Saladini as executive vice-president finance, Pierre Roy as executive vice-president finance sales and operations and Alex Osadzinski as executive vice-president finance strategy and business development. The company is also preparing to reduce its workforce by 270 employees.Kudelski has also announced plans to create a Cybersecurity unit that will extend the expertise it has in pay TV security via its Nagravision unit to internet security and privacy protection.last_img read more

Connected TV app developer Accedo has announced th

first_imgConnected TV app developer Accedo has announced that its Application Sphere app store has been integrated with Swedish digital-terrestrial pay TV provider Boxer’s new on-demand set-top box.
The store will be populated with pre-packaged apps from Accedo’s portfolio of games and media apps, including a weather service and social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Picasa.The app store’s user interface has been customised for Boxer.“We are excited to launch our Application Sphere on this new Boxer platform,” said Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo. “TV on demand is a very attractive offering for consumers, and coupled with interactive apps, provides a great experience for the consumer and a real opportunity for the operator.”last_img read more

At IBC Digital Rapids will highlight Transcode Ma

first_imgAt IBC, Digital Rapids will highlight Transcode Manager 2.0, the next generation of its automated, file-based media processing software that is built on its new Kayak technology platform. Kayak is available as a workflow technology platform for customers, systems integrators and software developers.The new StreamZ Live Broadcast is an integrated multi-screen and broadcast live encoder that features simultaneous H.264 or MPEG-2 encoding for broadcast applications and multi-format encoding – including adaptive bit rate streaming on platforms including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, IPTV, over-the-top services and more. New features include enhanced Closed Caption support for adaptive bitrate streaming and support for automated advertising insertion workflows.Digital Rapids will also highlight a new version of the software for the StreamZHD multi-format, live and file-based encoding system will be showcased. StreamZHD provides format support and automation for applications from post production and archive to multiscreen live and on-demand distribution. New features include extended Closed Caption capabilities, expanded support for automated advertising insertion workflows.Digital Rapids will be exhibiting at IBC on Stand 7.F33 & 14.351last_img read more

The BBC is to increase its coverage of womens foo

first_imgThe BBC is to increase its coverage of women’s football with the introduction of two preview shows on BBC Two, coverage of July’s Women’s European Championship in Sweden on BBC Three, with the final shown on BBC Two, and four FA Women’s Super League programmes on BBC Two. The BBC will also show the England team’s World Cup qualifiers and will air a weekly  goals round-up online and on the BBC News Channel throughout the Women’s Soccer League season.last_img

Dutch telco KPN has launched a subscription video

first_imgDutch telco KPN has launched a subscription video-on-demand service, Videoland Unlimited, for €10 a month as part of its Interactieve TV IPTV service.The service provides access to a catalogue of about 2,000 Dutch and international movies and TV series, including Dutch shows Iedereen Is Gek Op Jack, Divorce, Moordvrouw and Baantjer and international and Dutch movies including The King’s Speech and Süskind.The subscription covers content older than six months, with a transactional fee applying to recent blockbuster movies.Having signed up for the service, KPN IPTV customers can access the service via IP devices within the home including laptops, tablets and smartphones.last_img read more

Googles Chromecast has been highly successful Goo

first_imgGoogle’s Chromecast has been highly successfulGoogle may launch a new Android TV platform at its developers’ conference later this month, according to various US reports.According to the Gigaom website, Google is in talks with a number of online video providers about developing Android TV versions of their apps, as well as holding discussions with smart TV and streaming device manufacturers.According to the site, the new platform will differ from the failed Google TV platform in a number of ways, including a focus on gaming and a simple user experience enabled by a feature called Pano. This is designed to enable apps to display individual content titles on a device’s home screen without the need for the user to launch the app itself.According to the Gigaom report, Google will likely position the platform as offering a more sophisticated experience than its highly successful, inexpensive, Chromecast hardware streaming device, which delivers services via web apps rather than full Android apps. The Android TV platform will in particular be able to support sophisticated casual games and will compete with platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire TV and Roku.last_img read more

French cable operator Numericable is launching a r

first_imgFrench cable operator Numericable is launching a raft of new services including TV everywhere service LaBox TV and an expanded restart offering. The new LaBox TV app, which will launch on September 1, will allow subscribers to view all content and services available via its advanced LaBox Fibre platform on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, both inside and outside the home.According to Numericable the service, with 320 channels available on multiple screens, will be the “best application on the market” with the biggest catalogue of content available in France.LaBox TV will allow users to control their TV service from their tablet as well as continuing to view content on the main screen in another room. It will allow several programmes to be watched simultaneously, allowing tablet users to view recordings, catch-up programmes or VoD titles while another viewers watches something else on the TV. Other features include the ability to set remote recordings.Numericable is also extending its Restart service, which allows viewers to view currently aired programmes from the start, adding digital-terrestrial channels receivable via its set-top and extending the existing service to a further 27 channels, including sports, movies, kids channel Gulli from Lagardère Group, documentary and drama channels, taking the total available to 38. The Restart service was initially launched in January.Numericable has also introduced automatic pairing of LaBox Fibre with the YouTube mobile app, enabling users to select YouTube content on their smartphones and view it on the main screen.last_img read more

Marco Patuano Telecom Italia is targeting 550000

first_imgMarco PatuanoTelecom Italia is targeting 550,000 video customers by the end of this year following its recent deals with Netflix, Sky and Mediaset Premium to distribute their services to TIMvision set-top boxes.Speaking to analysts after the company released its second-quarter results at the end of last week, CEO Marco Patuano said that a large part of the company’s growing video customer base came from ADSL subscribers upgrading to high-speed fibre broadband services, which was “good news” for the company’s ARPU.Patuano also said that one in five video subscribers were new to Telecom Italia’s broadband services. He said that partly as a result of this initiative, fixed line losses should start to reduce form the fourth quarter of this year.Telecom Italia reported strong growth in its fibre high-speed broadband base in the three months to June at the end of last week, with a total next-generation broadband base of 374,000. The company last week announced a redistribution deal with Mediaset Premium, the pay TV arm of leading commercial broadcaster Mediaset, rounding off a trio of deals that will see the telco make premium content from Sky and Netflix available to its customers.last_img read more

Eurosport has undergone a wholesale rebrand marki

first_imgEurosport has undergone a wholesale rebrand, marking the biggest change to its look and feel since the mid-1990s.Antonio Ruiz has joined the sports channel operator at the start of the year as VP, marketing & franchise management, from its parent group Discovery, and told TBI the new-look Eurosport will connect better with fans and better reflect the increasing array of high-end sports rights the channel is acquiring.Discovery has European rights to the Olympics for 2018-2024, and has been hovering up international, pan-regional and local sports rights since buying Eurosport.It has, for example, moved for pan-European rights to MLS soccer, has a new multi-territory deal for Bundesliga football and, at a local level, has taken Formula 1 in Portugal and Champions League in Singapore.Discovery took full control of the channels group earlier this year, but the rebranding project has been underway for over a year.There is a new logo and a new strapline – ” and the social media hashtag #sharemypassion – but the rebrand is about a wider repositioning of the sports channels group, Ruiz said.“There’s a new logo, but it is much more than that,” he said. “This has been a project for us since May 2014 as Discovery has supercharged Eurosport. We have acquired 8,000 hours of content and 4,000 of that is live events.”A key part of the rebrand is to better connect with fans and tapinto their passion for sports events. “This is a radical change for Eurosport and the first time we have focused on emotions, it was very rational before,” Ruiz said.Market-watchers questioned whether Discovery would rename Eurosport and badge it ‘Discovery’ in some form, but that has not happened. “We have done 16 months of research and we know that Eurosport is a string brand and has a great heritage,” Ruiz said. “But we wanted to move from being a trusted brand to a loved brand.Eurosport chief executive Peter Hutton said: “Today’s launch of the new brand identity is another huge leap forward to make Eurosport the preferred destination for sports fans everywhere.”He added: “We have enhanced production to tell great sport’s stories in a more innovative way, resulting in record-breaking ratings for many major events through 2015. Today we are excited to package that in a whole new identity and language, feeding fans’ passion for sport.”The new logo, idents and on-air look and feel are live across Eurosport’s 54-country footprint today.last_img read more

4K TVs will reach roughly 23 market penetration b

first_img4K TVs will reach roughly 23% market penetration by 2016 as prices become more consumer-friendly, according to a new study by market intelligence firm TrendForce.The report said that 4K TV market reach will climb from roughly 13-14% this year with large screen sizes a focus for TV vendors looking to improve revenue and margins.“TV sets with screens sized 50 inches and above now account for 19.7% of the total shipments, up from 18.3% a year ago. The shipment share of this segment may arrive at 22% in 2016, with the 65-inch being vendors’ major focus,” according to the research.The study said that rivalry between OLED panels, favoured by LG, and curved LCD panels, which are backed by Samsung, will “continue to dominate the high-end market in 2016”.TrendForce estimates that around 4 million curved-screen LCD TVs will be shipped globally this year, a figure that could rise to 8 million next year – representing an increase in market penetration from 1.9% to 3.6%.OLED TV shipments are expected to climb from 450,000 to 500,000 this year to 1 million next year – a market penetration that will increase from 0.2% to 0.5%.Overall, TrendForce predicts that global LCD TV shipments for 2015 will total 216 million sets – a slight annual decline. For 2016, it anticipates sales of 220 million, up 1.85% year-on-year.“In the short term, consumer spending will generally remain weak due to the sluggish pace of the global economic recovery and currency fluctuations. Next year will unlikely deliver pleasant surprises as well because these macroeconomic factors will continue to affect the market,” according to the study.last_img read more

GéraldBrice Viret Canal has hired GéraldBrice V

first_imgGérald-Brice ViretCanal+ has hired Gérald-Brice Viret as its managing director of channels, recruiting the seasoned exec from rival Lagardère.Viret has run numerous digital channels in France and also headed up the local cross-industry digital terrestrial group as DTT rolled out in the country.He joins Canal+ from Lagardère’s channels unit where he ran nets including kids service Gulli. Pre- Lagardère he was at channel operator NRJ, running services including NRJ Hits.Viret’s appointment sparked a restructure at Lagardère with Caroline Cochaux upped from channels general manager to head of Gulli and deputy director of the company’s channels unit.Julien Figue has also been elevated to deputy MD of the division, and Jean-René Aucouturier commercial director for the department.last_img read more

Philip Lindqvist Swedens Bonnier Broadcasting pa

first_imgPhilip LindqvistSweden’s Bonnier Broadcasting, parent company of TV4 Group and C More, has named Philip Lindqvist as chief strategy officer.Lindqvist will be charged with heading strategy, driving major projects and supporting business development across TV4 Group, C More, production unit Nyhetsbolaget and Finnish commercial broadcaster MTV. He previously led business control and strategy within Bonnier, having joined the company from a role in management consultancy with Boston Consulting Group.Bonnier, which is trying to create synergies between its various broadcasting interests, is also recruiting a new chief digital officer to work on TV4 and C More’s digital services, with a focus on creating a coherent user experience.The latest appointment follows that of Erik Westberg as sports director at TV4 Group and Henri Caddeo as chief technology officer for Bonnier Group.last_img read more

Sony Network Entertainment International SNEI ha

first_imgSony Network Entertainment International (SNEI) has expanded its PlayStation Vue cloud TV service across the US, offering live and on-demand content from channels like AMC, Disney and ESPN.The over-the-top delivered TV service will now be available in an additional 203 TV-designated market areas, with the US-wide rollout coming a year after SNEI first introduced the service to a select collection of US cities.Viewers are able to choose from three content packages that range in price from US$29.99 per-month to US$44.99 per-month, with no long-term contracts.The entry ‘Access Slim’ package offers some 55 channels, including live cable TV, movies and sports channels. The ‘Core Slim’ package costs US$34.99 per month, offers some 70 channels and adds live national and regional sports networks. Meanwhile the premium ‘Elite Slim’ offering has around 100 channels and includes more movie and entertainment channels.“Since launching a year ago, our priority with PlayStation Vue has been to secure the best TV content for our audience and make it available to consumers nationwide; today, we’re delivering on that promise,” said Eric Lempel, senior vice president of marketing and head of PlayStation Network Americas, SNEI.“PlayStation Vue has been an ambitious project from the start, and national expansion demonstrates our ability to innovate in an industry that’s overdue for a reinvented experience. Thanks to the strong network relationships we’ve forged and technology we’ve built, consumers nationwide can enjoy a better way to watch TV.”PlayStation Vue offers Cloud DVR services, simultaneous streaming across different devices, and live, catch-up and on-demand options from a single interface.The service is accessible through the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, as well as iPad and iPhone through the PlayStation Vue mobile app. Google Chromecast is also supported via compatible iOS devices.PlayStation Vue initially in launched in March 2015 and was available first in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco and Miami.last_img read more

Rob Hopps OTT entertainment and technology provide

first_imgRob HoppsOTT entertainment and technology provider Ownzones has named Rob Hopps as its chief security officer and senior vice-president of operations.In this new role, Hopps will be charged with overseeing all information security, infrastructure and technology operations at Ownzones. He will be based at the company’s headquarters in Beverly Hills, California and was appointed by Ownzones CEO Dan Gorman.Hopps was previously vice-president, corporate information security officer (CISO) at the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.“I joined Ownzones to help an incredible dynamic and talented team of software and design experts to execute as well as drive new security initiatives necessary to expand the company’s technology offerings,” said Hopps.“In my new role, I look forward to driving operations and strategies that align with Dan’s vision and that support and protect Ownzones customers and employees as it continues to grow on the leading edge of content and OTT solutions.”last_img read more